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Obsessive Gaming - Sin of Wrath


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After wasting multiple years of my life on WoW, LoL and doobies I forced myself to the thinking room 3 years ago. The outcome of this thinking was a game-ified goal-oriented approach to life: I identified seven major objectives I want to hit, and linked each one of them to a deadly sin. When I hit the goal, I get a tattoo of that sin on my skin.

In the past three years I:

  • Got a master degree in CS (Sin of Sloth - used to be a lazy student)
  • Quit smoking (Sin of Envy - I only started to feel like one of the "cool kids")
  • Found a Job and achieved financial indipendence (Sin of Greed)

I'm ngl, videogame addiction isn't as tied to a specific deadly sin as most of the other objectives, but here it is: the obsession to reach the highest possible rank in videogames is costing me a ridiculous amount of hours and giving me close to nothing. I find myself angrily punching my table/sofa more often than not.

This season me and my pal hit diamond in LoL's TFT. We had a really happy moment, and then got back to the grind again the next morning to push for master.

 I often have videogame-related dreams. 

I think of myself as a peaceful and sometimes quiet person irl; I have been very toxic and disrespectful in videogame chats. 

This isn't healthy and I feel so hooked that it took me a while to admit that I mostly get anger and frustration out of these games. For this reason i feel like the sin of Wrath is a good match. 

Today, I commit to never playing Ranked video-games again.


That's my rant. Peace y'all




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