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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone, 

I am Felix and have been a gamer since I had my first gameboy when I was about 6 I think. 

In the past years I got back into PC gaming- mostly FPS shooters like Warzone or Battlefield 2042. 

At the moment I do not game at all but in the past it has been coming in waves. I can really see how it can be an addiction and have a negative impact on your life. So I am grateful for forums like this to help people quit gaming. 

This leads me to my first question. Does the name Game Quitters imply that the goal of people in this forum quit gaming completely? Or can the goal also be to find a more balanced gaming habit which doesn't affect your life negatively? 

I am currently doing a project and would like to chat to fellow gamers about their relationship and experience with their gaming habits. These are some questions I would really like to know. 

- When did the hobby start? 

- what do you love about gaming? what do you "hate" about gaming? 

- for you- is it an addiction or just a really important hobby?

- What other things interest you? Arts, sports, music? 

I have some more questions which I would like ask you if you are interested. 

If you are or were a gamer and would like to do a quick interview on discord, either anonymous or not, I would be grateful to chat to you.

Here is my discord: FLIX#8006




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Nice to meet you! For me, I started gaming when I was around 4 on some kind of small device that I don't remember. It gradually increased to playing games on my iPad, PC and at school :(. Gaming is an addiction to me, I believe that I should quit gaming but I just keep going back and continuing. Some things I am interested in include listening to music, playing hockey, reading manga, and hanging out with friends. 

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