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Breaking out of brain jail

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Hey everyone! I'm jailbreaker. 20 years young and ready to take back control over my life. I struggle with mental illness, which is inherited from my family, but definitely worsened because of a gaming addiction. I've had one since middle school.

In an effort to try to improve my mental health, I've taken a medical withdrawal from college, hospitalized myself, taken medication, and gone to therapy. Unfortunately, none of it has helped to alleviate my symptoms long-term.

I've ruled out every other possibility; gaming is at the root of ALL of my issues. 

Interacting with people, helping people, building strong bonds and lasting relationships, reforming society: that's what I've always wanted to do, but I've never had the time or energy to do it in real life until now, because I had always spent it all in a virtual world.

Long term, I've lost my way in life because of all that time I spent giving in to a dream world's temptation. Like @Jackery did, I felt empty and lonely in the real world, even after having "fun" playing videogames for hours on end.

But now I'm ready to break out of that brain jail that's kept me confined for so long. No more numb days, where I act like a jerk to the world and ignore my responsibilities. Time to overcome this addiction and live out my dreams in reality!

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