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Hello everyone

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Nice to meet you. My name is Xander. I recently just turned 24 years old. I used to play League, Valorant, Apex Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite. When I was a kid, I also used to play single player games like Kingdom Hearts. I like music, TTRPGs, board games, books, anime, voice acting and learning languages, and I'm trying to quit video games for a couple reasons. Firstly, when I was 18. I dreamt that I could make a career out of gaming by becoming a streamer on Twitch and joining a professional e-sports team. And because of this, I didn't go to college or get a real job (until last November) and I also never improved my skills in gaming because I could rarely get a grasp on the basics of certain games and I became a very toxic player who raged a lot. Secondly, I spent most of my time growing up just playing video games and I didn't discover any more things that I would soon love until late 2019. And when I discovered these things, it made me wish that I could take all the time I wasted playing video games and exchange it for time spent developing talents in all these other things like theater or chess or writing etc. Anyway, I'm hoping that my time with this program will help me to find some hope that I'm not mentally crippled in developing these skills in other talents as an adult because of my addiction to gaming. And I'm also happy all of you as well who are on the same journey as I am.

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