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One year of learning art


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Celebration time!

One year ago I introduced myself here and took up the challenge to deliberate practice art fundamentals for 800 hours in a year. Looking back the amount of hours I set for myself was quite unrealistic but here I am proud of myself announcing that I hit 500 hours mark!

What I've learned about planning:

- it is quite possible to plan out how many hours I'm going to put in a month...

- ... but it is hard to predict your whole year

- focusing on time spent of learning instead of 'I will finish project x by xyz' gives me better results overall and keeps me from burnout...

- ... because the hard truth is when you are lnovice it is almost impossible to plan out when you are about to finish a project/chapter/ whatever

- it is important to include some free time especially for your significant other when planning

What I've finished this year:

- finished drawabox (lesson7)
- finished love life drawing begginer series
- finished my first figuary
- finished the head playlist (basics)
- finished chapter 1 of the "Understanding and Painting the Head" course
- finished drawing 20 asaro heads
- finished drawing 20 simple lay ins
- finished drawing 15 break downs using asaro method
- finished the planes of the head chapter
- finished drawing faces using Rheilly method
- finished the advanced perspective chapter
- finished half of the book 'How to draw' by Scott Roberston (including sketching and studying what I've learned)
- finished half of the book 'How to render' by Scott Roberston (including sketching and studies)
- finished Introduction to composition chapter
- finished most of the Proko Figure Fundamentals (premium course)

Plans for the future:

- I'm going to plan my hours month by month

- I really want to finish figure fundamentals and animal drawing fundamentals before moving on to shading and colour

- hope to do really cool stuff in 2 yours from now


... and that's it! Thank you Cam for creating gamequitters! Thank you people for being part of the community, wish you all well!


Link to my journal: 



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