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Alright, so I'm starting this journal midway around my gaming detox

I think I've stopped playing computer games for about 2 weeks now. It was pretty in these previous weeks. But now, the withdrawal is getting to me. I find myself randomly thinking about Skyrim all of a sudden. I still play some casual mobile games such as CoC and Boom Beach since they don't require you to constantly play it. Especially at the higher levels where upgrades take days to complete.

But I do hope to eventually quit mobile games as well. Been borrowing books from my library to try to return a bit to my childhood. In my childhood, I used to love reading books. Somewhere along the way, I became addicted to games instead. 

Initially, I noticed that my attention span became much shorter. I could only read half a page before my mind drifted off somewhere else. I simply couldn't properly read a book. But now it's a bit better and I can concentrate on a few pages at a time.

Sorry for the ranted and eventual grammar error. English isn't my native language. Let's all support each other!

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Day XX

I haven't really been keeping track of exactly how many days it's been. I figure it's been over a month now since I last played a game on my computer. Occasionally I do feel cravings to play Skyrim. My attention span has gotten slightly better. I'm still struggling to read books. But hopefully,as I detox, I'll be able to better read books. A horrible thing happened in my life that finally gave me my wake up call. I don't know if it's too late to make amends or not, but regardless of what happens, I will hopefully never touch a game again.

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