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Yesterday was the 6th day since getting back from vacation and the 17th day since I stopped gaming. The bad weather in California has meant that I'm still very short on work in my role as the Assistant Manager of a local kayak shop. I did a quick 10-minute home workout in the morning and then went on a 3 mile run. In the afternoon, I played pick up soccer for a couple hours which was a blast. I'm finding that I really need physical activity to feel fulfilled without gaming or work to activate my reward system. Otherwise, regardless of the truth of the matter, I end up going to bed feeling like the day was empty. In the evening I did some watercolors with my partner. This morning, I've tried to start things off right by planning the day, but I'm a bit too sore to be working out again (and I've got a long run planned with some friends in the late morning, so I'm saving my energy for that). Thus, I'm kinda at a loss of how to spend the next couple hour or so, while my partner is still asleep which made a good excuse to take some time to start my journal.

I'm really hoping I can develop a more natural routine for my mornings. It used to be so simple: wake up and play games until my partner was about to wake up. I wish it was that simple still. I need activities that flow seemless and don't require a great deal of activation energy to replace the gaming. Maybe meditation or music. Something I can do on the days I'm too sore to go workout again.

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