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Hello Everyone, i'm glad to join you today on the Game Quitters.


Gaming has been part of my life for so long, i almost have all my friends here, but i felt like i'm not having fun anymore.

I'm playing to entertain myself and wait for the next day, not to have fun. Each time i get home, i just start my computer and play until next day, go to work, and repeat...


But today, this changes. I've told my gaming friends that i would take a break, for an undetermined time period.

That hurts me because they are (almost) my only friends, and we've been friends for years now.

The issue is that we are almost only gaming together, not hanging out or whatever, so there is not many options out there if i want to stop gaming.

I also removed Discord, and started to consider starting my new life: i've bought some books (i've never been a reader), and already planned some hobbies (walking, piano, meditation, learning maths...).

I bought the Respawn package too, because it sounds good to have some advice alongside my journey.


I'm not sure if i'm going to quit cold turkey, or if i'm going to allow myself some low-dopamine gaming (like 4 hours per week or so), at least at the beginning.

I don't really enjoy gaming alone anyway, so i don't think i will play much without friends.


My goal is to reach 90 days of no gaming, but i really hope this will make me want to quit forever.


Wish me luck, and i'm wishing luck to all game quitters out there, we will make it together !

Also, if someone wants to be my accountable partner, feel free to message me !


See you soon !



Note: Sorry for my average english !

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