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Still here. Did I ever really leave?

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Yep. I am still here...lurking...hoping that a proverbial lightning bolt of inspiration would hit me and I'd instantly quit.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Here is my bio that I wrote in 12/2022:

Is gaming negatively affecting my life?   

Sort of. I retired in 2019 and then Covid hit. I took online classes to keep my mind busy, helped and supported by brother whenever he needs it, started a novel, kept in touch with friends, etc.

But honestly, any time I spend in wow could be better spent-- without a doubt. The problem is--- I don't let wow run my life. Early on an in-game friend gave me sage advice: you pay your subscription so play the game they way you want!  I stopped raiding and being a guild master. I enjoyed questing and professions...so that was my focus. I never lost sleep over playing. I like to read before bed and that it my nightly routine. Confession: last night I started up until 1am to finish a book that was so good!! Gaming never interfered with my work-- I got a full night's sleep and new my work as a teacher always came first. Put I do know I can easily procrastinate in game  to avoid cleaning my house or writing my novel. I have also become a news junkie since I retired and can get lost in political and news videos on youtube.

The next expac is set to come out Nov. 28th. Like any wow geek, I pre-ordered it. But now I do not feel like I want to play. This hamster would like to get off the wow wheel... once and for all!

Even though I don't really want to play the upcoming expac, what have I been doing in game? Squirreling away resources (mats) to be well prepared when it starts. I feel so silly. In the whole scope of life, who cares?

I have put on some weight since the epidemic and needs to get exercising to lose it. I also want to finish my first novel. I want to down-size extra stuff out of my house.

It is time!


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Thought I'd cut and paste these AGAIN because they still apply perfectly to my life:

Why I need to quit:

  • more time to complete "wants" and "shoulds"
  • work on improving health with regular exercise
  • eat plant-based and try new recipes
  • work on finishing novel #1
  • simplify life
  • plan trip in future to Scotland to visit castles


What projects I need to complete:

  • cleaning out closets- donating extra clothes and shoes
  • sort through office clutter
  • finish Scrivner class- 1 & 2
  • finish Plottr class
  • sort through books- donate?
  • clean the house- room by room
  • paint stair case
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MMO's are a special breed of games and it takes a lot of effort to leave them behind. I was addicted to Final Fantasy XI and WoW back in the day and it almost felt like I lived more in the game world than the real world. Even now I still watch some videos from the latest MMO's and it's a mixed bag; on the one hand I'm drawn to the social elements but on the other everything gameplay related looks so incredibly trivial. Like, how many quests have I not done in the past where I'm collecting 30 animal skins by pressing 5 buttons on my keyboard in rotation. Still my brain is constantly trying to convince me that the next time I do it it's going to feel different and great. I'm gonna create that beautiful new character, find my first new clothing item that makes me look dashing and then bash the first hog in the head and it's gonna be so special!

Or not...

Anyway, glad to have you back on track! I hope you'll find some comfort and strength here once again. 🙂

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