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Procrastination Quitter

Jean Charles

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Hi everyone,

I discovered game quitters when I was looking for a solution to keep procrastination in check in my life.

In spite of quitting games, personally I am quitting social media and the platforms of streaming where I like wasting precious time.

This is Day 1 for me, and it's my personal journey to recover full control on my time and my priorities in life.

When I am not looking for a way to escape the non thrilling urge to do action in my coaching business, I put on work to change my mindset and transform my life.

I am 45 years old, single father, and a professional business coach passionate with entrepreneurship.

After few years of hard work and failures, I came to the conclusion that it is no use to build a business, if there is no life to enjoy the fruits of hard work.

This year I am starting over, but this time with my priorities and my mind in order.

I am glad to share my thoughts and my journey with you.

Wish you all success in your own journey!

Jean Charles

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