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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Sorry I need some help


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I'm sorry not very good at this I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice I really need it any advice I would be very grateful I have only done a intro msg on forum  and that's it just haven't known what to say.Tried to stop gaming so many times now. Have a problem with my dopamine or something I'm not getting any enjoyment from anything really even nit as much From gaming anymore how weird. 

I brought 3 xboxes one was 360 as I wanted to play some old games and 2 xbox ones (one didt have a disc drive so brought another one). I wanted to play some old game I haven't played and then my 2nd relapse was to play fitness games on xbox but I struggled to do that.

Currently Really craving getting the new lego star wars ( which im probably going to buy) as I want to play my favourite characters,play through favourite parts of the movies and to explore.Mayve I just want to control and be in that universe which I love.

When i brought game pass None of the games really interest me I'm very fussy and only like NBA,Lego,Star wars and marvel. I get alot of cravings to play games but when I actually play them I'm sort of disinterested and don't want to play it which is a continual cycle which also causes me to buy new things all the time. One of my bad habits is I buy books but don't read them love the feeling of buying something feel like I always need too.

My phone use with youtube is bad I go on it all the time can't do much without having it on as well eg:when I'm eating or putting cream on. I put it on when I'm bored which is alot of the time and don't know what to do in a day. I write things on to do list sometimes but are short, don't take long to fill up day and/or I put it off and do them.

I watch gaming videos on youtube all the time can't help it my brain craves them and hasn't changed this is what I watch/listen 90% of time 

All I do at night is scroll on my phone.

When I come back from work I just want to relax which is normally what I do the whole of the next day and don't do anything I just don't know what to do.

I have been referred to a gaming clinic as j still have 2 months before I get a assessment Im like why not buy lego star wars, can finish story in that time so I'm able to play it and try it so it's off my mind but might be wasting my time like I always do and time is going by so fast I'm already 19 now!

I live with my mum and I'm not very independent and struggle to be self reliant I rely on other people alot. Maybe I need to go away from my house as I'm maybe too comfortable right now I don't know.

I have a couple dreams,ideas and asprirations which I would like to try but feel like I can't, it's too hard, too far away etc.Dont know how to start and try some of them.

I hope this makes sense I'm not very good at this at all I'm sorry. 

Thank you so much.

Might have forgotten to say a few things to say but need to get some sleep now :).

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I think you should get out of the games in small steps, first sell one xbox then another etc. I uninstall 100GB of games even though I installed them the day before and wasted half of my internet transfer. You have to do it without fear and just do it, the consequences will follow.

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