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Hi All.

Richard here.

So, I bought respawn a number of years ago, but due to work and personal changes I was forced out of games to a degree. With covid and the lockdown I returned to gaming in a big way, and since then it's been a bit of a downwards spiral.

I made the decision last weekend to actually stop gaming permanently. My problem is that I get way too engrossed. I can often go without games for a week or two or sometimes even a month, but if I start playing something that grabs my attention I will play it with every spare second I can wrestle away from whatever activity I can postpone for a day or a week. To put in perspective, i bought No Man's Sky on the 22nd of July, and started playing on the 24th, by last week Sunday I had sunk 85 hours into it. This is while working full-time. I got so engrossed in the base-building and production/market chains I just couldn't put it down.

There are a number of reasons I want to stop, a big one is that I feel guilty after a day of gaming. I know I had other responsibilities, but I deliberately pushed them aside "for just 5 more minutes". It feels good while I play, but man I feel shit and worthless afterwards when reality hits home. I also want to improve my health and social life which is severely lacking.

So yeah, hello to everyone - thanks for having me and I'm eventually using the program. 

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