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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello everyone. My Small intro message

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Hi Everyone. I have played games since I was very young. I have been having trouble with it since primary school and it got worse in secondery school from age 11 onwards. I wasn't really doing any other activities apart from gaming. It has impacted the grades I got, the things I could have done when I was younger, socialising etc etc. I would just come home from school and play videogames.
I didt go to college and I was just at home gaming it got really bad when I brought a ps5 as my friend's were getting it as well and they were getting me really excited after I previously sold my ps4 in secondary school. I would always check ro see if my friends were on to play with them and just stare at it just waiting for them to come on. I was just drawn to ps5 couldn't think about much else. I sold it last year didt have it for long and then I got an xbox one to try and fill what I felt was missing again. I tried to play in moderation but I was getting to many thoughts and my brain was still drawn to it even though I was only playing for 30 mins to 1 hour at night.

Currently I got myself a job (started last month) which I have been struggling with at times. 
I have not been gaming for a 2 or 3 months since I contacted Cam however I did relapse a few days ago.i still have the xbox one at the moment. I lack discipline and my mind set is/was not right. I still watch gaming videos which isn't good and I keep looking to see what games are on sale even though I want to quit. I procrastinate alot and don't get things done, find it very hard to get myself to do things eg: I want to do online course but  instead I go on youtube and watch videos.
My phone use especially on youtube has increased dramatically since trying to stop gaming.I struggle with my mental health alot and my health hasn't been the best at the moment. 
I want this to change I have got the respawn programme but have been putting off doing it and only have done the first module. I want to complete the respawn programme that's one of the things I'm focused on.

I want to be able to be more productive and stop wasting my time mindlessly scrolling and consuming content. I want to get a job I enjoy and am passionate about. To just be a better person in general, to not get distracted as much and hopefully to be happy.

Like I said I'm going to try and complete the respawn programme and follow the advice from that. I am going to get two books from tanya goodin about phone and tech use and hopefully this will help but I have alot of trouble with taking action.
I have been nervous to create an account for the forum and start using it. I have kept putting it off
and I didt really know what to write (sounds silly I know)

Thanks for reading any help and advice would be appreciated i want sure how in depth to go with this if you need more information let me know.
I also want to try and help others if I can do.

Sorry for not remembering the dates eg:when I sold my ps5 etc. And apologies if what I wrote is all over the place.

Thanks so much for reading it means alot and I hope you are well.


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This post is a great first step😃 I am 22 years old and in nearly the exact same situation as you. I have just posted my introduction and I am determined to get through the 90 day detox.

My family who is supporting me has told me I need to replace my addiction with something else if I am to get through it. Whenever I have thoughts of games, I will force my mind onto something else like skateboarding, rock climbing or finding a job that will improve myself. (also this forum!)

Your environment plays a big part in this. I recently quit my job of 4 years (Costco) because it was not helping me develop myself. Which created an environment where I felt stuck and comfortable. I just know that we will have to make changes in other aspects of our life if we are to get through it. If you have a similar environment where you feel stuck, maybe you can make a change there as well.

We can do this! There is so much more to be excited about in life than video games. If we keep telling ourselves that, eventually we will start to actually believe and feel it!

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Hi @Alex1  Thank you. That's great well done you. Yes I know it's important to find other things to do like rock climbing etc. I haven't found activities yet like I want to start doing some online courses but I procrastinate and don't do it. 

I see well done you for making that change. Just curious why was working at costco not helping you develop yourself was it because you were not enjoying it and struggling?

Yes you are absolutely right! I just feel I don't know a bit scared to leave games behind and I don't really know who I am in some ways. There's games which j want to play but I'm trying to resist it as I know it would be a waste of time. The problem I'm having is like I said I'm going on my phone alot and not doing tasks on my to do list cause I feel there too hard to do.

Thanks for your msg Alex your doing great keep it up!


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