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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey, I'm Josh a returning addict

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Hello 👋
Turned to VG's in a dark time in my life to escape and cope, grew into an addiction and unhealthy coping mechanism.  Been trying to quit VG's for years now, off and on, uninstall reinstall.  College is getting harder and my energy level and discipline is slowly dwindling.  Its time to make a change in my life cause I can't go on like this.  This wasn't what I was expecting my life to be in my late twenties, I know I can change because I have really strong inner strength after going through a really rough time.  I was able to do something practically impossible to bear.  Which gives me hope and courage to face this and renounce VG's daily.  I have a lot of good things going such as great friends, free tuition, a great support team that has been helping me in my mental health recovery.  Its always darkest before the dawn.  Off to write a journal now.

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