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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello everyone, I'm NesteaDrinker

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This isn't the first time I quit gaming. The first time I typed out how to quit games was many years ago and many things changed since then. I don't remember the exact date when I started following this community but I do have (fortunately) the date of me quitting League of Legends. It was almost 5 years ago, exactly 20th May 2017 y (1734 days I believe). Since then I improved a lot:

-got a girlfriend (she is now my fiancée)

-found a new hobby (drawing)

-got better looks

-got a nice home (together with my fiancee)

-and even got a better relationship with gaming

But it isn't enough. Given that we all have only 24 hours even 1 to 2 hours of gaming is too much, especially if you want to change career like I do. My typical day looked like that:

Wake up at 9 am, go to work, back from work at 6 pm, go to sleep, wake up at 9 pm, do a drawing session (30 minutes to hour if at all), game a bit (for hour or two), browse the internet (reddit, youtube) untill 2 am and go to sleep.

Friday to Sunday after work nap and then spending time with friends.

Repeat. Looks not that bad except bad sleeping habits but definitely far from perfect for someone who wants to be a good artist who gets paid for making art.

It has been 3 years since I picked up drawing and today I realized I have spent not enough time on it. If I ever want to make it my career I need to change that but that means:

No more gaming and no more mindless internet browsing.

So here I am again ready respawn and be more serious about drawing. Gotta go make a journal to keep myself sane.


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