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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Thinking about it...


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I am a 19 y.o. student who have completly stopped video games 2 years ago, when it was the only thing I enjoyed in life, because I've wasted a huge part of my scholarship for it.


In fact, I have found a passion for running, which became my new go-to activity to feeling good. But since I've injured myself and can't practice as much as I would like, I got stuck again without any activity to socialize to, or just enjoy...


   Since the beginning of the past year, I've been going through a lot of difficulty to find peace in my mind, and a lot of times, when I don't see and start doing something enjoyable, I think a lot about video games, and watch stuff about it, without even feeling good, it makes me feel like crap but I still think about it, watch about it, but don't play it...


I am posting how I feel on this blog, hopping to find people to discuss with.


Thanks for your attention, have a nice day.



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Hope it isn't too late since it was posted 15 days ago but I think it is time for you to revisit respawn book if you have access to one or free youtube videos. You are about to relapse my man, I won't stop you from doing that but think about the alternative. Try new activities, revisit what you can do to engage your mind, what to do when you are bored and how you are going to socialize. Gaming isn't the only way. I know it hurts that you can't run as much as you would like but you were able to develop one passion beside gaming and now I believe you can add another one to your arsenal.

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