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Hello everybody,


I'm Zac and finally decided to give it up.   Remembered how all the best periods in my life were the times I was not able to play games.

 My work day consisted of passively playing games the entire time, most likely leading to not getting as much done.  After about 10-12 hours of playing I was tired and didn't often get to most of the simple hygiene things like cleaning my room, washing my sheets, etc.  Life isn't anything close to what I dreamed it to be as a kid.

Most excited to learn how to fill the void in life without games.  Have always felt like life is a game and I've been avoiding this one.

Most scared for the first 1-2 weeks as it is quite painful from past attempts of quitting.  Going to make it, have to make it.  Very competitive and making this the most important thing in my life for the next 90 days.

100% committed to 90 days, am very curious to see what happens.   


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