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Introduction of PJ's Journey


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Hi everyone I'll just introduce myself as PJ for now, but today I just started the program and I'm currently going through module 1.

I recently lost someone because they felt like they didn't fit in my life because of my addiction; and honestly I always knew that what I was doing to myself and how I was living was not helping. So I purchase this program in hopes that I can move on, regain and maintain new relationships, and get through these 90 days.


I've made it my goal to write one journal entry every day, and will be posting in the forum. It will be named "PJ's Journey", tacky I know but I've never really kept a journal before so I figured I would change the name. If you don't see a journal entry from me PLEASE PING ME, MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD, ANYTHING until you do, I've been going through a lot since yesterday and I really want to change this so please lend me your support and follow me on my journey to beating this addiction.

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