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Sad reintroduction


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Hey all,

I've tried quitting before and posted here, it worked for about 8 months until we started quarantining in 2020. Now I'm on the verge of losing my family to gaming.

I started college a year ago while working full time and with a, currently, 18 month old. This semester I overloaded myself with classes and also started Calculus which has been absolutely kicking my ass. As a result, I've sunk quite deep into escapism in games. I've been slacking on my studies, the best I will be able to get in Calculus is a C depending on this last test (straight A's besides this) and I lied to my fiancée about working on homework when instead I was playing games. She caught me doing this yesterday and was almost kicked out of the house.

Today, despite this, I went and played games anyway during work. I'm horribly stressed about calculus and recently did not get a promotion at work which should have been pretty guaranteed. My fiancée is very close to kicking me out and all I want to do is just play games more.

I'm going to schedule appointments with my therapist again, I'm already taking depression pills which I don't think I need, I just am very stressed about school. All of my friends are gamers and I receive no support from them, nor is most of my immediate family any help because they were part of why I've done this. I just support from others in this extremely low time of mine.

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Zenrenn, glad you are here for support.

You have a great deal on your plate of life: family, college classes...and you know gaming is upsets the proverbial "apple cart" of your life.

You know that gaming does nothing for us in real life. I know there are some skills that can carry over, depending on the game, like teamwork. But if we are honest, gaming involves a bunch of pixels that do not improve us as a person nor do they get us closer to our goals.

Also you are a dad to an 18 month old. How amazing is that? What do you envision for him/her in the future? With your fiance? Will gaming assist you as parent to provide what this child needs to thrive?

Map out some study time in a schedule and stick to it. Is there anyway to reach out to your professor for some extra help in Calculus?

Good luck, Zenrenn. You have so much going in your favor...you don't want to lose it. 🙂

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