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Hello everybody, my name is tea, I want to tell my story!

I know this organization is focused on bettering yourself without games. I however, never really struggled with gaming addiction. When I was younger my parents limited how much I played due to school. As I grew into a teen and had more freedom, I did play more but not so much that it became an issue. 

My issue has been with youtube, and social media (tiktok and twitter). I have noticed that using these has made me ignore working towards my dreams and working on my schoolwork. I have also noticed that it's made me eat unhealthy.

My big goal is to become a great rapper.

Along with that I strive to be fluent in at least 3 languages (English, French, and Chinese), get more into outdoor activities such as biking, backpacking, hiking fishing etc. and focus more on my schoolwork, and read more. 

I joined this place to hopefully end my distracted, unfulfilling scrolling on the internet/youtube/social media and start a life with a new me. I hope that I can receive insights and support here!

Have a good day!



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