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Hello, I'm a 33y Brazilian, married for 2y, industrial engineer and currently studying business MBA and gastronomy while been addicted for almost 20y. The last 6y more or less I was into Paradox games

For this time I played competitive DOTA, but I almost always played offline games. Maybe I’m the exception that didn’t play for social purpose, as never had problem with my social skills.

Maybe now you are questioning if I’m really an addicted, because I achieved nice goals, but the problem is that I have high IQ average (very high at performance while above average at verbal). And that allows me to keep me as a above average with low effort. I just played during all my high school, when I remember as a kid, when with a friend, was almost certain that I was playing video games.

The problem is that now I’m a liberal worker that has to manage my own schedule and I’m playing more and more, just delivering my work at a minimum effort. I have plans that I don’t go forward because I spend so much time.

Reasons why I play: (just thinked some reasons)



-Measurable progress


-Learning new topics

Reasons why I want to stop playing: (just thinked some reasons)

-Achievements that I’ll be pride of

-Better quality of life to those around me

-Better quality of life/health

-Better financial gain

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