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Hey everyone, 

I'm starting my journey in quitting Oldschool Runescape that some friends and I started playing a while ago when they rebooted the game. Looking to quite now so I can have a better relationship with my family and a more productive life. 

One of the hardest things about this is that my two friends that I really have right now are friends that I game with and giving up gaming feels like I'm giving up on the two friends that I do have. Don't get me wrong, I have a wife and two wonderful kids (3 and 9 months) but losing that social aspect will be hard. My goal for this is to try and connect with a colleague at work that has similar interests as me (landscape photography) and someone I went to school with about real-estate investing that he's doing that I want to get into. I'm hoping this helps. 


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Totally understandable, the social aspect of gaming is what draws a lot of us in. Your friends may realise that they need to do something about their gaming as well and connect to you socially in other ways. I was in a similar dilemma and it makes you realise that some relationships are superficially built around an addiction rather than true friendship. As you delve into other hobbies I am sure you will discover lasting friendships elsewhere.   

All the best, looking forward to seeing your progress @Get Lucky

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