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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My Intro: From Pokemon Yellow to Warhammer III


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So yeah as my title hints, I've been involved with videogames for over 20 years now, ever since I played Pokemon Yellow with my Gameboy as a kid. Videogames have always been off and on for me as my tastes changed, but they've taken a turn for the worst in the past 5 years. Historical games and fantasy are more my thing. I can easily hash out a 7+ hours binge per day without a sweat, and spend the rest of the day obsessing on the next steps needed to complete the game. And when I played LOTRO, my first MMO, I turned in almost 300 hours in a matter of weeks. It is obviously a problem, and I've had to face the consequences of such an attachment. But its the lost time that is hardest to bear. Warhammer III currently has my attention for new campaigns and storylines, so here is a good starting point to say NO and start turning things around. Cam's material blew my mind on how gaming latches on to your human needs, especially in regard to a man's ambition for growth and beating a challenge. So yeah, glad to be here. May God help us.

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