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So where do I begin this strange tale........hmmm
Let me start in the beginning when I was probably 15 years old and at home gaming became my escape from loneliness, study pressure and fights between parents at home. In 11th grade I got introduced to multiplayer gaming to some extent but i still did not care and gaming was not something i could not live without. I played games more for the story. But after 12th grade when I lost my grandfather, I became rather bitter on the inside for an extended period even after joining college. In my first year I got introduced to multiplayer games and discord from my school friends. There i met people who played games like me but played a lt more multiplayer games and were fun to chat with. I found a close friend through discord and also the game i was about to spend 2000 hours on called brawlhalla. That started everything my desire to have fun and laughs playing late night with friends and also the obsession to become better at i.e. I was of course not ignoring studies I did get grades and stuff but when i went to another Canada to study and started living on my own away from home. Things started to change , I was responsible with college and living alone to an extent. But the greatest thing was i was never constant in anything that was in my life, I just found it meaningless and except for gaming which has no monetary value compared hours you put in a part time job yet i could not leave it since i felt it was something i played when i was depressed and also something that gave me so much happiness. If i put my mind to it i can reduce my hours everyday on the game but to quit it i haven't found a strong incentive yet. Of course spending all this time meant i have no girlfriends ,even though i have friends and stuff some even close ones as well but not those that are in person and at the same  place where I live. The thing is my roommates have stopped telling me now since they see that i cannot change, and we have had fights over this too where they feel now its pointless to talk about it. They play single player games too but their relationship to games is entirely different compared to me. As i said  yea this is the thing I don't know what the future holds but seeing there are others like me in this boat kind of assures me that i m not the only strange case here. Currently i m studying a combination of graphic design, animation and learning about game engines now in my final year of college .I m in Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada.

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