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Getting back on my good habits

Shonnasen The Light

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2021, Sep 27


      After an over-playing for 2 days, now it's the 4th day. I am back to discipline mode and normal sleeping schedule and activities. The process is hard, there are a lot things to remeber; I       can be certain that I do not want to relapse, again. I am not as hopeless as before. That is good stuff to look forward to , and I recover fatser now. I think I just need to start believeing         that I can do this; IT IS POSSIBLE; and I will , and I AM ABLE to control my addictions, and get other things I want

I am gratiful for:

     - Les Brown. He gave me the things I can say to myself every morning to start my day with a holy shiled that can carry me through tough times

     - my work out equipments. They help me release tension when I am uneasy, when I forgot to breath 

     - My caring and naging parents. As always.  I love you sometimes, I hate you sometimes, but the love is what counts, it is unconditional. Ha ha.

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