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Quitting Overwatch


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Yo, everyone. A year and a half ago, I built my PC. Started playing Overwatch since I had been playing it on console. Around a total of 3-4 years is my total time of how long I had been playing the game. Was able to climb up to high Plat and just got stuck there. Never improved since I have work, school and relationship outside the game. Kinda happy that I was able to be so consistent though. 

Throughout the last year and a half, I have uninstalled the game about 2-3 times before. To focus on studying and was able to go about 3 weeks without playing the game. Tonight as I was playing there was something in me that got triggered which made me uninstall the game and this time it feels a bit more serious than before. Found this forum here so hoping I am able to use this to socialize, meet and vent to whoever is willing to listen (in this case read) I guess I realized that I am just stuck in this skill set and the player-base is just so frustrating and annoying to play with now. The goal is to stop playing until Overwatch 2 releases since I know I will want to check the game out since I love the characters and lore of the game. So that should be of like a year or two from now, haha. 

Well thank you all for your time! Hopefully some here can relate to me and can provide any feedback or tips to really quit this game.

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