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  1. I am not a fan of members opening several topics in the journal section, for the most part I don't see the point. But for this I understand that a clean slate will help me focus without the inertia of previous writing (which is a real thing to deal with), add it the sensation of goal-orientedness and SMARTness, serve it's purpose and be archived for my own, and other's (if they find it good), reference. Also, it's a good thing to promote Respawn as a product if a seasoned user of the forum goes through it step by step. If you haven't read my journal, my name is ****, I'm a 23 year old from Spain. I quit games a year and half ago, and despite some significant successes and achievements, I relapsed last week. I'm opening this short journal to rework on the process and try to fix what I did wrong, or not right enough. It's not a closed journal, comments and feedback will be very welcomed during the whole thing. If you don't know what Respawn is, it's Game Quitters first, most cherished and trademark guide to "quit video games, fill the void and take control of your life". You can read about it and purchase it here (yes, purchase. We have to keep this alive somehow...!). Here we go! - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chapter 1 fundamentals: 4 general reasons why we play games are: Temporary Escape, Socialization, Constant Measurable Growth and Challenge. You have to find out the reasons why you play and keep them present, or it will be very easy to get swept by cravings, nostalgia, and other mind tricks I'm sure you know well. With knowledge, you can act, seek alternatives. Without knowledge, you are lost and with no brakes. - Action Step 1 Report: "Why do I play games?" 1. I play games to hide from real life. I was raised a sheltered single child, very pampered and protected, to ridiculous amounts. So I'm not used to responsibility, real work, and facing problems. I tend to escape into things like existentialism and excuses about things I cannot change. My attitude is crap, and I am sorry and regretful, but I keep doing it anyway. 2. I don't play games to connect with friends. Rather, I use games to avoid meetings and events that put social pressure in me. I carry a feeling of awkwardness and inadequacy since childhood, and it doesn't matter I have met like-minded people now, I still hide and procrastinate, then I can give the excuse that I'm busy, tired or sick. 3. I play because in games, I don't have to deal with the fear of failure, I can always try again. In real life what you do is definitive, I fear making mistakes and most importantly, limit myself by making choices. If I don't make any decision, I can perpetually stay in a neutral ground and rationalize my inaction later. 4. I play because in games I can be whoever the hell I want and do whatever I think best without having to worry about others. There's no discussion about what's ethically best, or pragmatically attainable, or who's in the right or not. I do, I see results, I change and I improve, no one sabotages or opposes me. I have the control and I guess my biggest fear or frustration, is not having the control, not over others, but over myself. - Action Step 2 Report: "I want to quit playing video games because..." Because even though I am scared as fuck to take action, I am even more scared of growing old to find out I wasted my life doing nothing. Life outside games feels almost unbearable most of the time, but what would it be the same life without having accomplished the bare minimum to survive and exist decently? I would realize my only time on Earth was a waste, that I was a waste and a failure and then I would have to kill myself in shame. I don't want to reach that point, because I know I wouldn't, I would not kill myself, I'd be too scared. So I'd live my whole life in misery and regret, and that would be even worse than death. This happening is a very, very real possibility. To be honest I don't know where my life will lead me and if I'll be happy about it. But at least I can avoid this. I have to. These are my current answers, but they can change anytime. That wouldn't be a problem, I'll be revisiting them and update if needed, keeping this one for reference.
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