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  1. Have you gone through the 90 Day Detox and think you have some interesting lessons to share? Then how about writing a case study? A case study is longer and more detailed than a celebration post. It's a summary of your journey, as detailed as you want, in the format of a blog article (they are posted in the Case Study section of the main website linked above). You can write about what feels important to you, but ideally a case study should cover: - When did you first played video games? What brought you to them?* (What did you like about gaming the most: Challenge, Escape, Growth and Socialization. Or perhaps something else?) - How was your situation before video games? How did games influenced this situation? (Were you having trouble at school and games were useful to procrastinate, did you use them as a social activity with friends, etc.) - When did you first noticed you were playing too much? (Where would you draw that line between games being a fun pastime and games being essential to your normal functioning.) - What negative effects and consequences manifested into your life while/because of playing games? (Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally...) - When was the turning point and what was the trigger that led you to decide going through the Detox? (Was it related to finding out about Game Quitters, or content created by Game Quitters?) - What were the positive and negative sensations that you experienced DURING the Detox? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? What changes have you implemented to your lifestyle? (Or did you just abstain from games and did nothing else as some sort of experiment. Whatever your experience was, really.) - What were the positive and negative sensations that you experienced AFTER the Detox? How does your life look like now? Was the Detox a positive experience, or would you advise against it? (You can trash talk about us if we truly ruined your life (?)) - Overall, has your life improved during and after the Detox, stayed the same or worsen? (How has the Detox influenced in your current life?) Your story will help people that are also considering taking the Detox, raise awareness about video game addiction being a real thing (seriously, we still are at this stage...!) and help the research of people such as Dr. Daniel King, who made a study with us a while ago about the effects of temporal abstinence of video games in the brain and the addiction process. It may look as "things that just happened in your life", but your experience is actually really valuable. We're looking forward to learn about you! Have you just learned about Game Quitters and don't know what the Detox is, but have you been without games for 90 days or more? Check this video and feel free to write as well! You can submit your story here. If you have questions you can contact me (@Hitaru) by PM or mail (in my profile info)
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