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  1. I want to avoid this pain because it is so big. I know that it hurts a lot and it makes sense that I do not want to feel it if I can. It’s understandable that if such pain can be avoided that I will. But this is only a temporary measure and isn’t suitable for long term growth. Avoiding the pain works in every moment that I avoid, but that doesn’t address or relieve the pain for the years moving forward. Neglecting this pain inhibits other aspects of my life and is causing a great deal of frustration and pain. 

    To start begin the real work, when I get home this evening I will not go onto YouTube or Facebook. I will have an evening free of my laptop as I focus on the healing that needs to start. I will choose from a few activities to do. One of which will be a walk and later followed by meditation to calm me, then I will attempt the bring the pain into the present and just be with it. The purpose of therapy is to explore experiences in the present and the past to bring up the pain so it may be relived. If I do this outside of therapy then perhaps I can accelerate the process.

    Currently I have two reminders of recent memory that tell me how big this pain is. One was with two friends in Wellington last year. It was so incredibly difficult to hold in the pain that the dams nearly burst while I was on the bus home. When I got a hug from them what came out was just unbelievable. Unfathomable that something so painful and raw could be sitting within me all this time. The other was after a therapy session where I felt incredibly angry and exhausted. I was walking and barely able to move at one point. Like I was trudging through waist high mud. Every step required so much effort and at one point I stood still in the rain feeling like I could fall there and never get up again. 

    If I don’t relieve myself of this pain I can’t imagine how much heavier it could get.  Can’t imagine what another blunder will do to me. I’m already carrying too much. It’s already too heavy. 

    Avoiding this pain just isn’t worth it anymore.  

  2. I have a large variety of avoidance tactics and they are great at helping me avoid the pain that resides below. These avoidance techniques are holding me back from being a truly competent person and are making my life miserable. I choose to employ these techniques because I believe that it is better or safer than learning to live with the pain. The purpose for therapy is to get to that pain and feel what has been avoided and repressed. Once that pain has been brought up to the surface and made real once again the goal then becomes to live with that pain. 

    To help me get to that pain I need to write a list of what my avoidance techniques are and update it when I find something new.  

    I need to acknowledge when I am in avoidance mode. In order to do this my phone gives me breathing updates with affirmations which help with checking. Other things I’ve done is ask whether what I’m doing is “productive” but really I’m asking whether I’m avoiding something. Other ways to help with avoidance is to have a more intentional day. Have a routine for when I wake up and when I get home. Those are the times where I’m most vulnerable to checking out. 

    When I discover I am in avoidance mode I want to explore why I am avoiding and what it is that I am. To do this I can write like I am now, just sit and think, get my recorder going and speak out loud, and visualise.

     I think it’s important to acknowledge that avoidance techniques can be appropriate. But I am not at the point where I can start making exceptions. Practicing requires starting simple and introducing complexity as competency and understanding improves. Start simple and start easy. 

        1. Write a list of avoidance techniques
        • Gaming
        • YouTube
        • Reading
        • Podcasts
        • Surfing
        • Guitar playing
        • Food choices
        • Music
        2. Increase awareness of avoidance
        • Body checking
        • Phone reminders
        • Plan a routine
        3. Explore what I’m avoiding
        • Writing
        • Thinking
        • Talking
        4. Rinse and repeat.

    I’m in a lot of pain currently. I might be losing my closest friend and other than them I won’t have anyone outside of my family that I can talk to. I’m feeling a deep sense of loneliness and that carries with it a lot of fear. I’m not doubt quite depressed currently and it’s a shame that it takes an event like this to take action, but I made that choice and so they are my consequences that I must take responsibility for. My therapist and I discussed what “processing” really is and that conversation is what sparked all of this. So despite all my hours going into therapy I’m shorting my gains by not taking action to stop the avoidance and be with the pain. I’ve been catching myself in small bouts of sadness throughout the day and  trying to tell myself “It’s okay to be sad” and “This is the work. Be with this.”

    I don’t know if it’s the right thing, but I’m going to have faith in it because the avoiding really isn’t working anymore. All my avoiding is doing now is eroding my life away and the edge of the cliff is just too close for comfort.

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  3. On 12/4/2017 at 9:06 AM, ValarMaiar said:

    You're doing much better than you think you are. Well done :)

    Thanks Valar. It’s pretty difficult to acknowledge what I’m doing well when it’s so easy to look at what needs development. 

    I’m having a bit of a down day so far today. Was having an “overall” look at how my life is going and just seems like I’m barely holding it together. I only have one close friend and they live in Germany, I’m more or less dependent on my family and feel more like a parasite than I’m reciprocating value. I’m getting a bit tubby from the supermarket pizzas for dinner and no exercise outside of the walking during my commute and being on my feet all day. I average about 12’000 steps. I keep making mistakes at work which are easily avoidable and I have this fear that my brother is going to get fed up and fire me and kick me out of his house. Hell, I don’t even brush my teeth that often.

    I’m not happy with where my life is and when I look at what I’m not satisfied with it feels like I’m dancing on the razor’s edge, ready to slip.

    But, that view doesn’t bring into account the things that are going well for me. I’ve been eating my own cooked lunches and been eating a good breakfast 95% of mornings, I’m not gaming all day every day. I only seem to game when something really stressful is going on, so that’s actually pretty good as it’s no longer a go to whenever I get home or wake up. I’m learning what makes me feel better and I do little things like put the dishes away and tidy the place up and that feels good. I’ve got a reasonably good sleep schedule, it’s just negatively impacted by the dinner I have so I don’t get as good a rest as I could. I wake up feeling quite tired.

    I think this is a reminder that I need to acknowledge the good things I’m doing in my life so that I don’t focus on what’s wrong constantly and drive myself further down the well. 

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  4. On 12/1/2017 at 7:56 AM, WorkInProgress said:

    Heavy stuff. It is great that you're working these things out in therapy. Also it is great that you don't let the anger and regret overcome you. They are just destructive forces in a way which will hinder you to accept the present and deal with it optimally. It is ok to feel them and maybe to use them to be better today.

    Thank you. My therapist recently complimented me on my willingness and courage to explore the hard stuff. Was pretty motivating and feel better that I’m not being masochistic about it.

    I tend to keep the anger in and walk around pissed off or on rare occasions of a small childlike outburst. Sort of like when a child just feels overwhelmed  and they just look really frustrated.

    I had a bit of a bender this weekend. Must’ve played something like 15-20 hours over the weekend. I’m a little disappointed that I did play, but more upset that I didn’t get anything done at home like dishes, washing or my meal prep. Just makes my working week that much harder and it sucks starting the week on a bad foot. Seems like what I’ve been covering in therapy has been harder on me than I give it credit for. I want to think that I can leave those emotions at the door, but if I could I wouldn’t be going to therapy.

    So if there isn’t much I can do about that, what I can do is keep getting back on the horse and be more compassionate each time. Understand that these are hard topics and gaming has been there to keep me going. To understand that it’s okay to use the crutches when you need them. That doesn’t mean that I use those crutches all the time every time, but perhaps I can learn to ween myself off of them over time.

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  5. I start this today feeling pretty good about my general direction. Certainly better than where I was perhaps a month ago. I wrote another post on my blog that describes a fear that seemed formless and omnipotent. It was something of a tyrant in that it dictated what opportunities I would take.

    In therapy last week I brought up a couple childhood memories and we were able to explore it and see how they impacted my ambition and curiousity. So that exploration has managed to give that fear some form or shape and what that gives me is something to point to when I stumble upon something that might be risky or require some commitment. I feel a sense of mourning and am angry when I look back and recall those opportunities where I couldn’t overcome that fear because it was hiding behind other obstacles, but I knew it was there. 

    But thankfully it doesn’t have to affect me the way it has. I now know what it is and have more power to overcome it because I can see it, watch it and learn how to fight against it. It will never affect me again the way it did and that means I can begin to move forward a bit faster, stumble a little less and be less afraid of the world.

    For those who would like to read it, here’s a link to my post:

  6. On 11/26/2017 at 3:33 AM, WorkInProgress said:

    Yeah it does. You'll know if you do stuff which isn't good for you. Especially if it is something "stupid" like procrastinating.  Don't bother too much about direction. It is great if you have a goal you can commit working towards. But I know only a few people who have such goals and are able to follow this "direction". Most people inlcuding myself have a vague idea and figuring out what it means in reality on the fly.

    This sounds like a good opportunity, but it is still your choice. This fear of not fullfilling the expectation is no real force it is just in your head. Maybe there is this expectation but this is nothing which can't be talked over or changed if you really want to. The thing is even in cases where you have no choice (as sickness for example) it is still your choice how you take it. What you do with the cards your dealt. This feeling of not beeing in charge is just a manifestation of you not taking ownership of your action.

    Thanks for your constant feedback. It’s good to have thoughts challenged and they either get reaffirmed, refined or removed. 

    I made a new post on my blog the other day and I’ve been feeling pretty good since that discovery. Seems like therapy has recently provided a lot of hope and that I’m finally making some progress that will be meaningful and stick around. 

    This is my blog for those interested:

  7. 14 hours ago, WorkInProgress said:

    Hey I find it is an interesting article and seems to contain some truth. I'm not really a person who searches validation from people I don't know that well but it is hard for me to deviate from the things my wtife or my family want because I don't want to hurt the, and I want them to be proud of me. but this leads sometimes to fear and doubt about my plans (what if they don't like it? Shouldn't I better ask if this is ok?). What I realized in the last two years is that you do ofcourse think about the people who are important to you but if the decision is only affecting yourself you don't need to and shouldn't care too much about other peoples beliefs and opinions. Sure think about them but be not afraid to do something against them anyway.

    The most things which I did for me (doing this journal, findng my footing in the software development market, etc...) was only my decision and many people wouldn't think It a good idea. But I knew I needed to change so I was proactive. I think as soon as you act proactive and plan to change your life, external validation just looses an importance.

    To internalise validation I did think more about what I want and not about what I have to do. It is about taking responsibility for your own life. You don't have to do anything. It is all a choice. You don't even have to be lawful. You just have to life with the consequences. If you realize that you are responsible for every decision you make and your entire life, it comes naturally that you'll be more independent and more proud on your achievements without any external validation.

    Hmmm. Thanks for your reply. I think I am not taking control of my life and choosing things for myself. To give some context, I’m working for my brother currently and he has mentioned what he’d like to do now that I’m working there. He wants to step out of the general running of the factory and leave that to me while he goes into more of the R&D side of the business and hand over the running of the business to me. He has helped me out a lot since I’ve moved here and I want to try pay back the favour, but this has all been decided for me and it feels like I’m just fulfilling his expectations. This has been somewhat common for me and I’ve often felt like I’m in a river being dictated by it’s current without any influence of my own. 

    I do however recognise that I have influenced my direction in the past and am not at the full mercy of the current. It seems more like I have no direction, but I know sometimes that where I’m going isn’t the right one. No no Willink often talks about “The Path” and that he knows when he is and isn’t on it, but doesn’t know where it’s going.

    Does that make any sense to you?

  8. So, past couple days I’ve been exploring the idea of external validation and know that I seek out it quite a lot and find it exhausting to not have it internalised. 


    I was reading this article and wanted to get your guys thoughts on it here.

    I think this is somewhat of a core issue for me since it ties into questions like “What are my values”, “What do I want for myself”, “What are my strengths” etc. Because if I rely on external validation for these then they can change on a whim because people have different values and that validation may be inconsistent due to circumstances. Like if I do something well and seek approval or validation, I may get a negative response because they’re having a bad day or something and I’ll assign that to me having done a bad thing, when in reality I did well.

    So, what have you guys done to internalise validation?

  9. I had a good weekend helping my brother clear out the garage. Now managed to fit the truck in there and rearrange it so there’s space for a workshop. Pretty epic change.

    Next weekend I’ve got a mate from out of town coming to the Island and we’re going to have a blast. Beer, wine, clay pigeon shooting, fine dining, smashed avo and scenic walks. Get into some poker and surely to have some heated political discussion. Really looking forward to it if the weather holds up :P

    So I went through my YouTube and “Not Interested” a whole bunch of gaming videos and channels. Last night I found myself really wanting to watch them again. I noticed thoughts like “I just REALLY want to it!” And felt like a kid again. I didn’t let myself get to explore those thoughts but compromised for a little Netflix and wasn’t too interested in that. This morning I watched a gaming vid and did another “Not Interested” purge. If/when those thoughts come up again I’m going to try explore them a bit and see what comes up. Might help me answer part of my addiction I think.

    When you guys are really tired at the end of the day, but not enough to go to sleep, what activities do you guys do? I find after work is when I’m most vulnerable to relapsing or making decisions I don’t want to make. 

  10. I tricked myself into playing mobile games xD

    The justifications and rationalising are strong. “I just want to blob and if I’m going to just watch YouTube, I may as well do something more active.” And when I finish I find I didn’t enjoy it anyway. Was just mindlessness and feign engagement. Like I wasn’t really doing anything despite doing something. 

    I have been gaining more satisfaction from doing things like cleaning and tidying around the house, researching ideas I want to implement and things like that. I’m just finding it difficult to hold the line. When temptation calls, I find that difficult to ignore. “Just buy some pizza. You deserve it!” Whispers the devil in my ear. “Take the night off, grab some ice cream and indulge a bit.” “If you’re just going to watch YouTube you may as well play a game since you’re doing it for the same reason.”

    I worry that my compassion and curiosity is an excuse for complacency. 

  11. The site seemed to not be working for some reason on my phone, but alas I have returned :)

    I think I’ve figured out the format I want to do for my blog. It’ll be a weekly update which will serve as a summary and review of key moments from the previous week and what my focus(es) will be for the following week. I’ll have weekly goals that I work towards every week and they could be catered to serve larger goals. The aim will be to follow through with the goal(s) but I will still allow for other issues that I discover to be addressed too. 

    My focuses for this week are hydration and awareness of how I feel after eating my foods. I don’t eat very healthily for the most part and am having a hard time with maintaining discipline around cooking. So, I’m instead trying to teach myself the costs and benefits of eating unhealthily so when I come about making the decision, I’m hoping I will pick up some reasons not to that aren’t shameful. Shaming myself tends to encourage eating poorly.
    The hydration is to help with work performance as I can’t afford to work inefffectively and make poor decisions. I want to be more alert and have more energy so I don’t make silly little shortcuts and assumptions that result in expensive mistakes. 

  12. So my brother and I have a change of plans for today. Instead we’re going to work for the day and later we’re going to go hang out for a bit. Really looking forward to that. I love spending time with him and if it means doing stuff I don’t particularly enjoy doing to get that time with him, so be it.

    I’m quite nervous about doing the vlogging, but will do it. The worry I have is that I appear as an authority or lead someone down the wrong path somehow, but that isn’t my fault and I can’t take responsibility for that. I’m going to make an introduction video of sorts to layout the intention and framework of the vlogs and I think that’ll alleviate the worry. 
    The other concern I have is that I want to get it perfect first try, which I realise is unrealistic. I’ve got an app on my phone that sends me quotes that I like and one that I wrote was “Progress doesn’t start with perfection. Progress starts with practice.” And it’s a good reminder. When starting something new I get stuck researching as much as I can about the “right” way to do it, or I don’t start at all knowing how much work it’ll take to get to a result I find acceptable. Overcoming this hesitation will be a pretty critical achievement for me. 

  13. Appreciate the ideas Gibliets. How long ago were you in The Squad? I was in there early-mid this year. 

    I think getting outside is a good idea. I went for a walk instead of watching YouTube felt pretty good. I’ve also been getting into more chores around the house and actually enjoying those for the most part. I’ve been liking the cleanliness and more oraganised environment and been finding it somewhat therapeutic. 

  14. I had a pretty good day yesterday. Finished late at work and grabbed some guilt free fish and chips for dinner. I’ve arranged my money so that I do have a little sanity money where I buy guilt free things  Certainly felt better buying it that way than when I haven’t felt like I earned it. I’ll be back to grilling a chicken breast for dinner tonight.

    I still get urges to play games, but they’re not as strong as they used to be. The last two Saturdays I’ve played games and was more curious as to why I did rather than be judgemental and feel shame.

    I was talking in the StopGaming Discord and was talking about starting up a vlogging series where I share my thoughts, challenges etc like I have here. I want to do it with the aim that my sharing will help others and encourage them to do the same. It’ll probably be hard, but it would include my failures and ideally it’ll keep me accountable to my own progress and keep me from getting complacent. They’ll be posted on my own website and I’ll link it here and do a quick summary. Anyone know if that’s a breach of conditions or anything?

  15. I’ve been thinking about what activities I’d like to do to replace my gaming and substitute in for the majority of my YouTube consumption and I’m getting a little stuck.

    There are some activities I’d like to do like writing, playing guitar, some song-writing and considering making some videos but activities like these don’t seem inherently productive and that’s where I’m getting stuck. I have other activities in mind which I see have potential financial benefits like coding, app development or getting into other digital markets but am stuck on what to do when I want to be a little creative. I find myself having a sense of guilt if I engage in those activities and have a voice that says “This isn’t productive”. 

    It’s like I have to replace non-productive activities with only productive activities. I know that it’s good to have creative outlets and I enjoy the activities mentioned above, but that sense of guilt deters me from doing them

    What’re your thoughts?

  16. Today will be an interesting day. Was kept up all night due to the heavy wind and rain and didn’t get much sleep.

    I’m developing a good and quick routine for cooking my dinner daily and tonight will be cooking the rest of my lunch so I am quite pleased at that. All games have been uninstalled from my laptop and I have the fortunate limitation of a capped data plan, so I have an additional incentive not to download games and clients again.

    I’ve been getting really into this book called “The Narcississtic Family”. It’s a diagnosis and treatment book written for therapists, but am finding some useful things in there. For example one of it’s recommendations is to find a picture of my younger self and find a nice frame for it and place it somewhere you are likely to see it often. I’m going to grab one off my brother and shop around for a nice frame. The intention of this is to help recall memories and encourage a more compassionate approach to myself and my struggles. 

  17. I’ve found myself feeling somewhat lighter. I can’t say for certain why but I like it. I’ve noticed that while I’m walking around outside I’ll take note of what expression my face is communicating. Usually my brow is furrowed and so I’ll relax it and notice a change in mood. I’ll start feeling a little happier and more energetic and that’s been quite interesting. Waking up in the morning has been easier and I’ve been trialing setting my alarm clock back 15mins every morning to practice getting up earlier. I haven’t been getting out of bed yet but I’m still getting up earlier than my usual time. My goal is to start doing some morning exercise so at least I’ve done something for the day. I’m on my feet all day at work, but it doesn’t feel like I’m blowing off any steam or getting tired enough by the end of the day.

    I got my George Foreman grill yesterday and cooked up a mean juicy chicken for dinner which is great. Much healthier than supermarket pizza and fish & chips. I noticed that I felt pretty good after I ate my cooked lunch which was pretty useful.

    Mate don't beat yourself up about it - I relapsed a few times as well. What I learnt from it is identifying the triggers that caused me not be able to resist it anymore. My main challenges were being overwhelmed with what I was trying to do, and thinking I had too much time on my hands. Maybe you're the same with the latter, because you didn't have an alternative activity lined up you had too much time and became bored. Now if I get the urge to play or do something unconstructive now I change my environment - exactly like you did. Go for a walk, go outside, it could be as little as just moving away from your desk. If you don't have a desk and are on a laptop, just close the laptop for a little while and switch to another task.

    No beating up going on over here Giblets :)

    My crux currently is spending time on YouTube vicariously watching gaming vids. Sometimes I ask myself “Am I gaining anything by watching this” and turn it off and find something else to do, but usually I’ll justify it as winding down or just blobbing. 

  18. I relapsed on Saturday after I got home from therapy. Played some Don’t Starve for an hour or so and got bored when I died. I think it was due to not having any alternative activities lined up so it was an easy justification for a good therapy session and nothing better to do. Next weekend my brother will be coming round and we’ll be working on the property most of the weekend. 

    Yesterday I spent most of the day watching YouTube videos and eventually got bored and irksome so I went for a walk outside which was a good accomplishment. I got some ideas for places I can exercise and got some groceries afterwards. I cooked my lunch for the week so that felt pretty good. Did a bunch of cleaning around the house and got caught up on my laundry. 

    I’m not angry or disappointed about the blunder. More understanding that I didn’t set myself up to avoid it and made reactive rather than proactive decisions. 

  19. Glad to hear from you again, putting aside circumstances. 

    The you that wants to please your parents is a fallacy we fall into to avoid taking full ownership for our actions. Clinging to an external expectation or validation makes working towards a goal easier: you don't have to worry about staying motivated or losing your objective, it will depend purely on someone else's feedback. It's something people do all the time and there's no reason to feel ashamed about it. Only be aware of when it happens. 

    It's not the same case, but a story for a story: between 10 and 13, my father's problems with alcohol reached a tipping point and he was finally forced to leave my mother's home. Lived for a while in complete isolation in the countryside and then met a colombian woman online. They lived for years almost like beggars in some shady places, Cali, Bogotá's suburbs... saw some shit. Then my grandpa died and they came back desperate for a slice of a cake that wasn't quite so. Now they are living in poverty in a nearby town and aside from some menial conversations our relationship is completely stalled, from my part. I don't have anything to tell him.

    What he doesn't know is I'm actually waiting my opportunity to "be something" in life until I feel sure and with some kind of "moral authority" to take over the parent-son relationship and command him to get his shit together under my terms, in exchange for my respect/love and a safe old age under my wing. The arrangement would satisfy my ego and lift the frustration from his abandon. As if to prove him and myself that I can do better, and... therefore didn't deserve what he did, I guess. It's the first time I'm putting this thought into words and I must say it's being kind of intense.

    In my case I'm not working for his validation (or the same kind of validation), but in the end its the same, I'm making up the whole movie and taking the role I'm comfortable with for my emotional convenience, without having asked him once about his actual wants and needs. Even if my guess is his needs are not completely... what's the word... altruistic, let's say.

    Your father's mistakes are his own, you know that already and there's no need of giving you a gratuitous 'speech'. The best thing is you guys fix your relationship together. Make him part of the process instead of assuming by yourself what is he thinking about you or your worth. What you're currently doing is no less than outsourcing the foundation of your self-steem on a guess placed in the head of someone who can't even confirm it. 

    To be honest I'm not sure it will be possible under this very particular circumstances and you probably shouldn't attach emotionally to any particular outcome, but try to take the best from what life deals to you.

    Take care man, hope it turns out well for you. We have your back as usual! Looking forward to keep reading you.

    Hey Hitaru, likewise :)

    I appreciate you sharing and I'm glad we can relate to this. It's not something I've put much thought into or really connected with but I think there is something there. Like when I make a mistake or do something that goes against my values or promises that I hold in my head I become further from my perceived pedastal and I have less integrity which makes me feel weak. This can feel pretty excrutiating at times and other times I minimise it and explain it away so I can avoid the pain.

    Yesterday my therapist and I did some exploring and what came up I hadn't thought about, but explains a lot if it's true. The expectations I have for myself are my attempt at rebalancing or offsetting the bad deeds of my parents. Something like I've taken on a quest to right their wrongs through my own good deeds and anytime I fail I feel that pain, but my current behaviour isn't serving that cause well. It's a pretty undeveloped thought but that's the best I can explain it now.

    I know they are his mistakes and I am not responsible for them. I know this rationally, but there's a part of me that doesn't understand that and isn't consistent with that which is why I'm excited about that earlier discovery and have more compassion for my situation. It's like there's a disconnection between what I understand consciously and how I act subconsciously.

    This is what I’ve tried in the past but what I’d like  to do is avoid cooking in the evenings because I have a 1.5 hour commute and I get home around 7:30 and wake at 5:30. Preferably I’ll cook all my meals on Sunday or something and just heat it or have it prepared for cooking so I don’t feel like I don’t have time. But it is incredible how much money you can save just from food.

    I used to do this when I lived by myself about 7 years ago. My commute wasn't the same (I lived 10-15 minutes walk from work), but I got annoyed with the routine of coming home, cooking, cleaning, eating, and then going to bed when it was just me. It just seemed like a waste of effort for one person. So what I ended up doing was going to the markets really early on a Saturday morning (at about 5am), buying my weekly groceries fresh from the growers for about $50 a week, come home and spend the afternoon preparing and cooking all the food in giant pots. Then I bought a pack of takeaway containers from the supermarket (usually around 10 for $4), then portion it into the containers and mark them Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc. Throw them all in the freezer and boom, all I had to do when I finished work during the week was walk home, chuck one container in the microwave while I was getting changed, then boom dinner was served. I loved it.

    I'd totally like to go back to that method but my wife hates the idea!

     This is what I'm annoyed with. I'm looking into recipes and stuff for meal prep now, so I'll keep you posted how that goes.


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  20. “I think if you combine making your own lunches and dinner, you'll save wads of money, as you will just have leftovers for lunch like I do. For example, if you're single, most of the recipes you come across will serve 2 or 4. For serve 2, there is your dinner and following day's lunch, and for serving 4 just halve the portions. Doing it this way, you will be eating every day for under $10 (pending what you have for breakfast. I just have 2 eggs or a bowl of cereal).”

    This is what I’ve tried in the past but what I’d like  to do is avoid cooking in the evenings because I have a 1.5 hour commute and I get home around 7:30 and wake at 5:30. Preferably I’ll cook all my meals on Sunday or something and just heat it or have it prepared for cooking so I don’t feel like I don’t have time. But it is incredible how much money you can save just from food.

    So I’ve had a pretty good week this week. I think I’ve hit a cornerstone of why I don’t persist with behaviours which I know are beneficial in the long term and have felt a mindshift change that wasn’t there before.

    I do and don’t want to share this, but I will in the hopes that it helps or resonates with anyone. The discovery is where I have tied my self worth and it’s an old story that I committed to long ago. My father left me to go to prison when I was 7 and I learnt that he would be out when I turned 18. At some point (probably when I was 11-14) I decided that I would be the best person I could be to show him how great I am and why he shouldn’t have left. I wanted to prove to him that I was worth not leaving. When I turned 18 I learnt that my father was on preventative detention which means he can’t leave prison until the jury deems him safe in public. When he had his hearing he wasn’t deemed safe and when I learnt this I thought it was because I wasn’t worth coming back for. Because his ability to leave was up to his progression and work on his self I thought he hadn’t worked hard enough to come back to me. I internalised this as me not being good enough and when I learnt this I lost motivation in school, moved out from my mothers place into my best friends place and close to exams I skipped school for two weeks.

    The thing that I’ve learnt from this discovery is that I have told myself that I’m not good enough because of my father’s actions. So my self worth remained in prison with him and I didn’t see the point in doing much that wasn’t either immediately beneficial or in the near future. So anytime that I did something that I knew would be beneficial in the long term I ended up stopping because it either wasn’t benefitting me in the short term or not enough to warrant continuing. 

    So this is my work currently and I’m sinking my teeth into it and in the process of reclaiming my self worth. 

  21. 196 is impressive mate, even for a kiwi B|

    To use this as a learning point, identify what made yourself feel so stressed out that you felt you needed to escape, so you can recognize it earlier on next time and mitigate it. For me it was trying to look at tasks as a whole and they looked so overwhelming, but if I break them down into smaller elements they're easier to attack and progress towards.

    Get outta here ;)

    For sure. I know what the causes of the  stress was and am better equipped to deal with it now thankfully. I work for my brother and I had been working there for a couple months and he went on holiday with his family. The stress was a combination of not having him around to help me when I was unsure of what I was doing and a reenactment of my father leaving when I was young. So pretty stressful and painful.


    I've decided to work on 1-2 things at a time. Currently I'm working 2 things: 
    Getting to bed earlier and cutting out electronics before I sleep.
    Making my lunches.

    I've noticed that when I sleep early, cut out electronics and have a decent amount of water before I sleep I wake up feeling less foggy, more cooperative internally and a bit more energetic.

    I've made a habit of buying lunch everyday and it's hurting my wallet which severly limits my saving potential and stresses me out when I see my spending money getting low. I want to allocate about $15-20/week for lunch which is great vs the $50+/week I'm doing currently. I want to target dinner as well, but I'll get to that when I've got lunch on the downlow.

  22. Hey everyone.

    It's been a while since I made a post but I'm back. I went 196 days game free and jumped off the bandwagon  because I was pretty stressed out and needed to get out of my head due to some self-attacking I was doing. Since then I've been playing pretty unregulated, but not overwhelmingly. My biggest crux currently is mindless time spent on YouTube.
    I'm here to get myself back on track. To start that off I'll be posting here every morning. Even if it's just a quick little message like this one.

    Thanks everyone for your past support. I'm going to make it to 200 this time.

  23. Day 38 of the rest of my life

    Thank you Mr Mad Scientist sir. 

    I just haven't found using this journal to be very beneficial for me right now. I was very vulnerable and  had a desire to pull back a bit. I am part of the Beyond program so I am in good hands and am having a better time than ever. 

  24. Hey Rubirro, how's you doing?

    5 days have passed since your last entry, so I'm interested in whether you're still game free or not.

    I am still game free. Day 30 today.

    I had and have a desire to hide myself from this journaling. I'm not certain of the reason but my resolve still stands. 

  25. I'm going through exactly the same stage right now. I think we need this month or maybe more to just wind down our brain from extremely high stimula which comes with gaming. I would compare it to 'physical' dependency which just can not be skipped, like in drugs abstinence.

    You're capable of going cold turkey on gaming and that IS a great thing! As you can see in other journals it's not that easy for everyone. Congratz on your abstinence and not giving up. Keep doing good work


    P.S. I'm just curious - what have you done with your steam account?

    Hey fil,

    I haven't done anything with it at this point. Haven't been thinking about it really.