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    2 Week Milestone

    Today is officially the day i have hit 2 weeks without playing video games. I know i am still far away from making it to 90 days, but i considered this a big milestone in my life and seeing everybody else's story makes me even stronger to continue to keep going. I am not going to lie, the craving and the urges have been there (defiantly a lot this week since my habits are starting to change in a major way). The other night, it was wired, i had a dream that i was playing NBA 2K (which i use to play frequently) and i was enjoying it in the dream it actually felt like in real life i was actually relapsing. Thankfully, it was only a dream and i have it in the back of my head to stay vigilant and away from any influences (YouTube videos, gaming friends, commercials, and advertisements) that could cause me to go back and start playing. Ever since i have quit, i have been getting out in more social situations, working hard on my goal to be a highly profitable forex trader, going over plans to start my own movie blog, looking up info on how to apply to be a soccer ref (soccer has been my favorite sport since high school), and reading a lot more, i have finished two books in the last 2 weeks and working on another one (the book is called Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, i highly recommend). Just thought i give a progress report on my current gaming detox channel, keep the success stories going guys, it really inspires me.
  2. Just traded in my FIFA 17 game and once my Madden game comes out of my Kitchen Safe i will be returning that as well and i will be video game free!!!!
  3. Thank you, that's awesome to know
  4. Thank you very much, you have started an amazing thing here and im so thankful to have come across your TED Talks and your YouTube Channel, keep inspiring the masses mate!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello guys, my name is Caless Davis. Today i begin my 90 Day Detox of video games and i want to make this a permanent aspect of my life which is to be free of gaming. I have played video games since i was 8 or 9 years old, it started with N64 and has a led to now to the PS4. While i do consider myself lucky to not be so addicted to where i dont have a social life, or i'm on a game for 16 hours straight in worst cases, i have been trying over the years to stop gaming in order to move forward with new goals and heights i want to reach in my career and life. The longest i have been without video games was 3 months and i hope that it can be longer. It feels good to be able to join a community that is going through the same journey as me and it makes me feel more optimistic that no matter the obstacles and cravings that i may get, i will have people to encourage me to stay video game free. I hope to strike up friendships with some of yal and be able to help in any way to support people on this journey. It was a blessing to be able to come across this community.