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  1. day seven. Michael bevan. 

    • work late.
    • Did the headspace.
    • Recalibrated the robot.   
    • Come home.
    • eat
    • sleep. 
    • Did the headspace. 

    In the evening I Tinkered with a twitter bot I wrote a long time ago. It posts research articles that are relevant to my interests. I got it to work again. And added a cool feature where it ranks the paper on the  journals IF, how recent the article was published. 

    The main thing for me this week is now that we are easing off the games and smokes. It's time to turn that around into productive. Hence why I was playing with a bunch of productivity apps that I used to use. 

    I recommend. 

    • Stayfocusd: A website blocker app from 9-5. 
    • RESCUE time. which tracks your online behaviour. 
    • Trello. It's the smoothest kanban implementation I've seen in a while. and automatically has mobile support (a lot of alternatives make you pay for the privilege)
    • Pomello . Pomodoro integration into trello. It's good stuff. 

    Sticking to that will really push me in the right direction. I know cause I did this before for my dissertation and it was a huge help. If I can be firing on all cylinders like I was in those days.  ... Well damn.  Shit get done son. 

    Anyway. Peace. 

    pomodoro magic number. 56 . *


    * number of pomodoro to complete this week. 



    other suggestions for meaning ful simple goals welcome. 










  2. day six. Chopsticks.  

    Yeah. Did nothing. It was good. Woke up late. Cleaned the house a bit. Soaked in the tub reading. Hung out with the missus.

    Sundays are great day to sink into gaming. Especially during the long dark tea time of the soul. it was good to just decompress.  


    I've been following along with HEADSPACE. It's pretty good.but I'm not sure if I'll subscribe with money. I don't like the guys voice. I work with a guy with that voice. It's weird. any alternative suggestions for 10 minute meditation would be grand. 




  3. Thanks guys for warm weather wishes. 

    Day 4. Shut the door. 

    Tired. Tired tired. Tired tired tired.  Wanted to fiddle with vidya gaimes at work. Well joke is on me.  That's pretty much impossible even if I wanted to. Open plan office, etc etc. 

    Watch the urge rise and fall. Remember in high school when studying for exams you really wanted to do some really boring stuff to procrastinate. And when the holidays did finally come you didn't remember or have any interest in all those things you wanted to do in exam block. It feels like that. 

    Nothing went right today.  Made tacos for dinner. Cheaped out on the ingredients. The chicken mince filling was OK. The rest was not. Good tacos. Like.  Good. Tacos. Are hard. Here endth the lesson. 

    Some fun vidya relates content came up on various internet feeds. Unsubscribe. Don't have time to do a full audit. Also worried that might lead to some binging. Best to just swat it away as it comes. 

    A side goal emerges of boosting productivity. I reformat my machine. All saves I forgot the first pass are well and truly gone. I install things. Pomodoro was nice. Someone mentioned trello. Kanbans. I used it all a few years back. It helped a lot. Let's revisit these systems. 







  4.  Hey @happykhan welcome to the forums!

    Writing in your journal will definitely help you during your detox, sitting down and reflecting on what you did will help you to understand the reason you played, which will help you a whole lot. Keep writing, and once again welcome!

    cheers big ears :D 



  5. Today was rough.this is day three of ninety.  I cut the cord on Halloween. Remember that day. I was angry and upset. I deleted everything. Like a firing squad. Each folder showed up. Bang. Deleted. I was the strongbad of the emails but they were games. They were all gone. I felt bad about it afterwards. Forgot about it for the most part. I was busy with work. 

    Today was rough. I got home a little early From work. I wanted to play around with something. Just a few hours. Saying no makes the prospect more tantalising. My brain wants this. But I don't. I am not my brain. (where am I then? If not my brain -anyway). I stared at the walls longer than I should. I'm paralysed. My list of alternate activities isn't helping. I don't want to do any. except for sex with a supermodel I added jokingly at the bottom. I need another willing party for that. 

    I run windows update. That should be a long enough distraction. need to think. Ah excellent. The update is stuck. troubleshooting this might take forever. A tedious task like should be off-putting enough to do something else. 30 minutes to sleep. I will read...  Something. 


  6. Hey. 

    So I there's this book I've been wanting to read. It's about how imperialism really messed up a lot of countries and 20th century nationalism came about as a reaction to that and how the orient still has this deep seated wariness about it. 

    That's what the blurb says, more or less. 

    I haven't started reading it.

    My boss lent it to me ten days ago. 


    Care to guess why I haven't started? 


    I'm sure we'll get to know each other over time. Looking forward to reading your stories. Peace.