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  1. happykhan added a post in a topic Mario's Journal,   

    Get well soon mangh it's certainly going around.  
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  2. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    sure mangh 
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  3. happykhan added a post in a topic Mario's Journal,   

    Yeah it's a tough to balance all the commitments.
    As I've gotten older I've found that the number of commitments increase and it's very easy to get swamped. 
    It's weird because I was usually very good at multitasking in games. But then there was a very clear mental triage as to what I should be doing at any given time. Hmm.... 
    Luckily you have a very immediate goal of your masters thesis. 
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  4. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    I should mention. 
    Weird gaming dreams. I notice that everyone smokes and it's annoying. 
    I get game cravings around 2pm. And around 8pm. 
    I had a dream I was playing...  Something and then got upset because I spoilt by detox. then I woke up. Weird. 
    I want to get back to my old blog. But I think nutting out the morning routine is my main focus for now. Maybe next week 
    I keep forgetting to do my headspace... 
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  5. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    Day seventeen.  Dancing queen. 
    Work is full on at the moment. But things are moving along at a reasonable pace, so I think I've started to get on top of things. As opposed to losing time to gaming, and feeling like I was on the back door all the time. The pomodoros are helping too. Keeps me from getting to engrossed in emails and stuffing around. 
    The morning routine challenge hasn't really worked out. I just don't have that jump out of bed oompf. I want to cultivate that habit though. A good start really gets things moving. I don't know. I've never really had much of a  the morning routine thing ever.
    I might go to Bath on the weekend. Should get out a bit more. 
    This weeks magic pomodoro count 25 / 56. 
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  6. happykhan added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    You sound like you're I a good place.  Keep on keeping on. 
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  7. happykhan added a post in a topic Im New, a Few Words and a Few More   

    Welcome Ben 
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  8. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    Ah ok. Well that seemed to work this time.
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  9. happykhan added a post in a topic Attempt #2   

    Keep at it mangh. 
    Thanks for posting. It really gives me perspective on how other people are going. 
    You will get there. I know you can do it. 
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  10. happykhan added a post in a topic My Journal   

    While it's important to have people around you, we have to really explore why you want them there. 
    There is a certain part of fullfillment of feeling connected because we just feel bored or upset or unhappy with our own self. Just being with ourselves. We feel we need to be validated. And we think that having someone else in our life will solve that but actually it's an internal thing that we need to address. 
    That's why people can have a loving family lots of friends and a lover and still feel alone. 
    I'm rambling sorry. But try to think. What do you really want from other people. Really really want. 
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  11. happykhan added a post in a topic My journal - Thomas   

    Good to see you can dust yourself off and get back at it. Keep it ???? dude.
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  12. happykhan added a post in a topic Ello you cunts   

    Sup Clint! Hope you can channel that determination into real change mangh.
    Really do. 
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  13. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    Here's a thought i stole from archangel. (Cam put a vid jo about it so I watched Gary V keynote and some other stuff) 
    Behind every excuse is a fear. 
    CAM. What was your big take home from that conference?  you asked everyone else
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  14. happykhan added a post in a topic Mario's Journal,   

    Hey man. You're doing really well. 
    Thanks for partnering up with me. 
    One thing I think is important isn't to cut stuff just out. I mean. If you fill your day with fulfilling stuff then maybe you just will lose interest in porn YouTube and so on right?  
    I also struggling with this but I'm not quite confident in tackling this myself. but that's how I plan to tackle in as time goes on. 
    We are in it for a long haul right? Like making changes that will really stick and that will take a long time to wean ourselves off  habits. 
    Always happy to talk if you're struggling. 
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  15. happykhan added a post in a topic Diurnal the journal   

    day fourteen, drama queen
    Really happy to have Mario @WorkInProgress as a partner in this process now. cheers man. We both seem to be in a similar place in our lives. 
    Let's review. End of last week got sucked up into preparing this manuscript. Thanks to a prod from @Cam Adair. (How do i tag someone in a post). 
    Well that's over the line now and the boss will take my first draft and start working on it, which is a good result and frees me up from that to concentrate on other things now.  I have to make some minor changes today but hoooory.
    My phone died on Friday and I left my charger in the office , was off the grid on the weekend. But anyway. 
    Let's review How we are going ?
    Last weeks magic pomodoro count 17 / 56. 
    That would be better. But it's a good effort for the first week. It's actually hard to switch to Timeboxing so. .. Yeah sure. Let's keep going. 
    I will gradually add little Umm.... Daily quests?  Challenges?  Requirements?  
    Simple 10-30 minute things, but I feel will really boost my Dev. hopefully work these in as a pomodoro. I.e. 1pomo of fitness, 1pomo of phone (only). Etc. 
    Things to add to my list of requirements: 
    Better morning routine: Having a strong morning routine is a good way To kick start the day. cutting down phone time: Stuffing around on my phone is a nasty habit. Need to be focused when I do it. readings:I used to be a voracious reader. I miss that. side projects I have a number of creative side projects in my mind to work on. Mostly work related. Blogging. "building a personal brand" essentially. Career development. It's more fun than it sounds. harmonica. I have a harmonica in a drawer. I want to mess around with music a little bit, this seems a good gateway drug. (guitar is too cliqued)fitness: A little bit of movement to keep the blood pumping.  
    I will add these over the coming weeks. They represent things I actually want to do with the 10-20 hours I've hypothetically freed up from gaming. 
    Other than the pomodoro goal. I think this week will focus on the morning routine. 
    This weeks magic pomodoro count 0 / 56. 
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