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  1. How do you guys view habitica? If you've never heard of it, it is pretty much an interactive to-do list designed like an RPG. Here is a vid on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxxKm7tSL6I I'm trying to increase productivity, but I'm not sure if I should be using this type of thing to do so; due to it being so similar to a video game in a way.
  2. I've decided that today is the day I quit video games. I've played probably thousands of hours worth of them growing up all the way through High School. This really hindered me socially as well as academically. I used to read all the time and put 110% in all my school work which really helped me be more advanced than the majority of my peers in a wide variety of subjects. Then, I discovered that video games existed on the computer. This caused me to pretty much quit reading and stop being an overachiever in school due to me wanting to play all the time instead of working on assignments and studying. This happened before middle school and if I had kept on my original path, I'm 100% sure I'd be way more intelligent than I am now. So I'm pretty sad that I basically screwed over my own development. Now that I've started College, I really want these years to be special. I don't want to remember them as me being in my room playing World of Warcraft everyday. I want to finally make a bunch of friends, maybe go to the gym and get some muscles, that kind of thing. I've already noticed the sheer amount of free time I have after I got rid of all my games today, and it's honestly pretty overwhelming! So yeah, I'm happy to be here!