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  1. Hi, my name is Dominik and I haven't reached the 90 Day goal yet (60 now), but my life has changed so drastically that I feel that I haven't played video games at all. I'm Czech and now I'm living in a small town in the Czech Republic (Bělotín), but for the most part of my life I was living in Albacete, Spain. In this city my addiction for gaming started as well as my passion for video games. I didn't really play that much only 1 to 2 hours every now and then, but that suddenly changed when one of my friends told me to try out this game called League of Legends. I felt in love with it and quickly became so addicted that I wouldn't go to lunch just to play more rankeds. I found myself playing the game for 7 hours a day and sometimes even more. I was mean to my parents which re-bounced to me so they were mean to me, too (obviously). I had many hobbies aside from League: I was a student at IES Diego de Siloé (I Highschool in Albacete), I did boxing for two years this is the only thing that kept me fit and healthy, I played the electric guitar (for 5 years now), I went out with my friends and all this stuff. But, mainly my day was about playing league and that was what I cared about for all time. I played video games since I was 4 years old so I felt like it wasn't anything bad or something like that. Then I moved to the Czech Republic again after living almost 10 years in Spain and my addiction only got worse with the time, I wouldn't study, I wouldn't go out, I wouldn't help my parents, I wouldn't do anything aside from league basically. I was so addicted that when I lost a game in league I was so pissed off that I broke one of my laptops with a punch. Then my mind was like "WTF Am I doing with my life?", and that thought got so deep into my mind so whenever I opened league I would start hating on myself deeply. This of course took my mood, dropped it on the floor and then slapped it even lower. This started my desire to quit gaming. I searched the whole Internet for the answer of the question "How to quit gaming?", one of the videos I found was from Cam (Thank you very much YT for showing me that video). I felt the same as he described it in there, I suddenly stopped feeling like I'm the only one and started to feel more Identified with the community of Game Quitters. I was watching every video on how to stay focused, how to change, how to improve, how to make changes stick, in that pursue of my desire to stop gaming I found another person on Youtube (Brendon Burchard) that motivated me. I decided to uninstall league forever and since then have happened 90 Days. I know said 60 earlier, but I relapsed for 3 days which only helped me realize that league was a huge waste of time and it was useless in order for me to change in life. Now here comes the good part, here are the accomplishments I have done since I have stopped gaming: Now I find myself playing the guitar 4 hours a day, playing the songs I thought I could never play and learning new things everyday.This is the most important thing I've accomplished so listen up , I gained the ability to keep improving no matter what, to focus on what really helps me to get to the goals I want, to meditate about what is really meaningful to me and what should be my next step.Now I help my family with everything I can, I do the dishes all the time 2x everyday or so, I wash my clothes, I mow the grass, I help my grandmother with gardening and everything she wants, I clean the house, I cook, I started loving everything and everyone around me, I started to feel better with myself and the best result I could get: My family started to love me more that I could ever wish them to.I improved at several skills and learned some new ones. Apart from playing the guitar I have a lot of hobbies. I improved on rollerblading (Now I can do a 360, that is the most awesome thing I have ever learned), I improved at the languages I know : Czech, Spanish, English, French and German, I learned to program in several prog. languages : HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap Framework, Python and jQuery Framework (one of the things I now love to most to do in my free time), I keep learning new things of YT and sites like Khan Academy.And the last one, but not the least one. I have started to feel alive and live my life with joy and love.Thanks Cam for creating this awesome community and helping so many people. I hope you all enjoyed my story, BYE!!!
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