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  1. Hi! I finaly got my dog that i have been waiting for a such a long time. I think that might be the key for me to stop my addiction becuse everytime i see him he keep me some how motivated to just dont play. So as i mentation i didnt play anything becuse i was so exited but the best thing was that i didnt even thinked about gaming! Thank you everywon for the good response i got yesterday. ( My older post) See you!
  2. Hi! Im william! I live in sweden and iam 14 years old! I usually play some CSGO on my pc and some games on my NES! This can be for hours and i usually game for about 5-8 hours a day. (At summer) In school days i play about 2-4 hours and i have really been struggeling lately to find time. When i come home from school i play and then i eat and then basketball. (Bball is the only thing i do besides gaming pretty much) And then the clock is 22 at night and i go to bed. Simply no homework or nothing. I really spend little time on school and im still suprised im getting decent grades. I know that i think its boring but sometimes my mind keeps telling me that there is something funny about it. Please help me! I dont know what to do and i wanwt good grades in school! I really dont wanna play but im bored so often. Escaping gaming seems inpossible, So whould you reccomend me to only play NES instead? Becuse on my nes i can play 5 min and quit but on my pc atleast 1,5 hours. Please help me and tell me what to do when im not gaming. And help me to fight this feeling that i always return to my desktop ): Thank you so much. William