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  1. Fady

    Road to better life

    I'll start adding (.) thank you for the advice . Today i slept for 6 hours wich made me happy. I also bought a relaxing light one of my old friends friend told me that will help me sleep faster , normally it take me to 2 hours to fall asleep but this time it just took me ~45min . I already passed my morning so i'll start doing my morning routine tomorrow ! thank you so much for reading and helping me out !!
  2. Fady

    Road to better life

    Thanks for your time! Well i'm fun of music and my favorite instrument is piano , thank you for the idea i'm about to buy one! And if i have enough money left i would travel with them ( i always wanted to travel and discover) have any advice on where to go? A good place to be relaxed and think about myself more
  3. Fady

    Road to better life

    Thank you for the advice i was depressed i felt like i'm doing an evil thing when selling them until i have read you're reply it helped me a lot thanks a lot ! Thank you again for reading and for your time ! =D
  4. Fady

    Road to better life

    My story: I'm a 17 year old boy! after a 10 years of gaming i feel that i'm not enjoying my life always in the same place everytime not going outside i forgot how to speak to others i have few friends most of them are gamers too , i feel like i'm in a fog i don't know what to do i can't think or plan what will happen when i quit games i only know that it will be worth it from you guys! i feel that my life sucks compared to others ! they are succefull have friends going outside having fun ! today i decided to start 90 day detox i really dont know exactly what to do , in here where i live there is not good places to go even if i do it will be by myself , alone even in meetup.com there is 0 meet ups found in my country i always dream to travel the world , make friends, live a normal life always gaming , barely sleeping wich results for me that i can't really talk not shyness , i can't sleep at night i made a routin and nothing still laying in bed for like 1:30-2hours or plus until i fall a sleep for 3-4 hours which let me feel sometimes so strange can't describe it and i will try to i feel that sometimes it happens i can't breath well and in a moment i can't see well like its going black in that moment i feel i hate everything i don't want to talk , eat or anything i just run to bed alone until it goes and that stays coming the whole day (it happens like ~2 day in a week or something) i went to doctor for that the good thing that its just feelings nothing to worry about no danger and that can be done by not playing alot and need to sleep good and go to sports! thats enough for me i can't live like this anymore today this community shows me that i have to quit gaming this is motivating me i want to stop playing but i really dont know exactly what to do only thing in here where i live i can do to have friends is going to sports or finding events which dont happens a lot and if happens its about gaming but now i'm speechless always getting in akward moments i feel like im in a fog i can't think i can't do anything i feel like i'm still in a good moment to leave gaming and start a new life which i always wanted to like traveling but i have to sell everything i have ps4,all the games (most of them are gifts :'( ) my computer so i can travel and start a new life because i'm not rich i don't have that enough money to go somewhere so i think i'm about to sell everything i have in gaming (is that okay selling gifts kinda sucks) btw this is the first time i write something more than 3 words sorry if i'm kinda annoying with my bad english and speech i'm really in fog this is my first step in my new chapter so i'm still in progress i still can't preform a good speech hope that i was clear maybe , anyway i'll keep you guys updated of my adventure hope that my dreams come true ! and any advice on what to do , there is no good places to do where i live , nothnig found in meetups.com , have to go outside alone which i don't like but i think its the only way , and please help how can i stop being speechless i want to make friends ! and do i have to sell my gifts ? i just unistalled my online games on my computer like league of legends (i'm about to be diamond in league which i always worked for but i relized that life>ranks) , overwatch which i just bought and wow thats the only games i have in my computer what about my other games? in my console do i have to sell them ? thank you for teh time ! i'll keep you updated! and i'm kinda happy that i did write alote yep first time ! thanks again _____________ Day 1: What i've learned today on my first 90 day detox day after uninstalling all my computer games and hiding my console that i'm still not doing something because instead of gaming i was just watching youtube the whole day! Well i have failed this day but i won't tomorrow ! Today i've learned from my failure and it won't happen again! Tomorrow will be a better day! i'm now laying in bed planning for tomorrow _______________ Day2: My day is passed without even using the net (i just did now to write this) , i went outside for 3 hours and found joined a gym when i came back i felt so tired and didn't want to go back for training in 2 hours i felt so lazy and i was saying maybe i did a bad idea leaving gaming because i got bored and wasn't motivated to go outside (it was a hot day) but then i just went for it! i went to the gym even if i didn't want to , i said to myself i'll just do it i have to stop thinking about gaming and using the net , hopefully i found an old friend , we had a really great time we also hang out and he called his friends to join i really had a good time better than all i did in gaming wich gave me hope again i learned today that i did the right idea in the first place and thanks to you guys , i'm very happy about what happend today and i'm so excited to wake up tomorrow for another day going outside with my old friend then going to beach and have some fun