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  1. I'm on a 37 day meditation streak! I really look forward to it as part of my morning routine these days.

    ?Which would you say are the biggest and more noticiable benefits of daily meditation you've achieved so far?, what has changed?, also, what type of meditation do you do?, standard mindfullness with no music?, guided meditation? visualized meditation?, etc.

  2. I ran for one minute again today, and it was good! This minute came after a 55 minute walk so I got lots of exercise in today.

    ?In case you haven't done so, I strongly suggest you to do your walking/running with headphones while listening to one of the books. When I do, I get so into it that I lose notion of time and end up doing more work out than I had initially planned, which is great :P

  3. Another soldier joining your ranks my people, It's time for me to quit, about myself, well:

    My name is Andy, I'm currently 37 y/o, I've been a gamer nearly all my life, started at the very early age of 10 with an Atari 2600. Moon Patrool welcomed me to the world that would be both my blessing and my curse, the feeling I had when I first laid my hands on that controller and my eyes into that screen was undescribable, don't ask me how, but it was right there that I knew videogames would stay with me for a long run.

    I've been the typical loner during most of my life, my social skills are lacking, I suck at sports, most of the kids on my neighb would only play sports so I would rarely show up to play, so not many friends. In school, I was the typical nerd who would know a lot, get some nice grades and never said no when someone asked for help with their homework, actually... throughout my life I have in fact helped a lot of people with all sorts of issues, I guess I'm gifted in a way, but that stopped one day, 8 years ago, the day I got very sick and ended up in hospital, wanna take a guess of how many of those I helped went to see me or at least bothered to call?..... yup. only one (who is to date my best friend).... ONE, that day I lost my faith in friendship and realized I wasted a lot of my life helping those undeserved and completely forgot about caring about myself.

    Just like everyone else at some point, I've had to deal with a lot of shit on my plate, Anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, lack of purpose, Illness, even struggled with my sexuality, and every single time an unbearable lightning of this thing called life strikes me, I always end up going back to my shelter, my place, VIDEOGAMES. So I realized I use videogames as an escape, a escape of my reality which feels empty, lacking, sad.....

    I stopped having dreams, I don't have anything to fight for, I don't sleep well (these horrible eyebags can't let me lie), I feel tired most of the day, I'm driftless (But oddly enough, not really depressed, just sad), so I'm VERY positive quitting videogames is going to change my life for the better. I've tried quitting 2 or 3 times, but I always relapse 3 o 4 days later.

    The thing is, when I quit videogames, I don't know what else to do with my time, I can't find ANY activities that get me excited or hooked enough to not want to go back to games, I've tried working out (which I still do but doesn't motivate me enough), singing, editing videos, playing instruments, etc, you name it. Also going out with "friends" is a no go either cause first of all, I don't have that many friends, second of all remember I have issues with trust due to what happened to me in the past with all the people that let me down, I find it very hard to fully trust people again, which complicates things even more.

    But either way I'm very determined to start my life over, erase and rewind, wish me luck!

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