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  1. Hello everyone, At this fateful day I'm so happy that I found this gem on the internet (gamequitters). I'm currently 25 years old, have been playing video games since 4th grade (maybe age 10). My schooltime was not the greatest when it comes to socializing. Had a few really good friends, but some bullies also had their fun with me 😜 I was gaming whenever I had free time besides school, all the way through 13 grade + graduation at university 1 year ago. The weird thing with my experience is: Until a specific day at the age of 19, I've never once thought bad about my habit of extensive gaming. At this day, there was trigger that ever-since gave me a bitter after-taste to my gaming-habit: One of my co-students in 12th grade said straight into my face: The thing is, I've never been friends with this guy. He actually doesn't know me any better than surface class-mate level. But this was the first time someone openly criticized my gaming-habit - And this stung. Ever since this day - so for the last 6 years - I have been trying to completely quit gaming again an again. But I just didn't have success with it. For me there are three major games that I always come back to - after enough time has passed. And this cycle has been continuing for the last 6 years: Metin2 (an pretty old MMO, my first ever MMO and the essence of my childhood) Summoners War (a game i got into during my time in military service - cellphone game that makes time fly by really well - but you lose a ton of money for micro transactions..) And the worst trap of them all.. ..League of Legends. Especially LoL just had something that always draw like 98% of all my attention whenever I am playing it. And it made me burn out each time after 4-5 months. So I would play one of those games - get burned out after some months - quit it.Then out of boredom, I would start one of the other two after a week or so. And this way the cycle continued - for 6 years. Soo.. Sorry for the long and extensive introduction. I've just never had the opportunity to share this with anyone who I think can remotely relate and understand my struggles with gaming. But since I found this place now and just bought the Repawn program, I'm really looking forward to break out of this cycle once and for all! Cheers guys and may we all succeed with our plans and dreams - we deserve it! Marc