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  1. Hello, It's been 10 days since my last post. I feel like writing a journal isn't necessary for me anymore. I feel like I have almost completely moved on from gaming and now I am hanging out with my friends instead. Maybe I wasn't as addicted as I thought I was, or maybe I'm very good at filling my days with non-gaming related activities. I am still not done with my game-quitting journey, but for now I'm cruising. If I every relapse, I will take a step back and start writing a journal here again. And not playing video games is not a principle for me anymore. If I am at my friends house and they are playing on a Nintendo Switch, I won't go home or refuse to join them just because of a principle. That is a rare scenario, but if it happens, then I know that I don't need to think to hard about it. As long as I am gaming with others (in person), then I'm good. I am just trying to keep the gaming to a minimum. 😉 (This is a freebie, but the thing that worked for me was to fill my days with non-gaming related activities... You have probably heard this advice before, but instead of just reading or studying or whatever, spend time with people; both friends and family. Then you will actually feel like you have a purpose!) I didn't wanna leave this journal hanging, so now all of you know why I won't bee posting here anymore. Have a good life everyone! 🙂
  2. Today. (Day 5) Today was disappointing... I felt unmotivated throughout the entire day except in the morning when I jogged. I felt fine then, but something went wrong and I ended up spending almost the entire day inside watching Netflix. I just felt bored and I didn't know what to do. I didn't eat that healthy food aswell, but I did not relapse though. I am tired and disappointed with my day, but I will go into the next week with more knowledge and discipline. But that was one bad day out of 5. Before atleast 50% of all days would look like this, so it's definitely becoming less common occurrence. Tomorrow. (Day 6) This next week I want to focus more on my mindset. I will try to be more positive and instead of saying "Ughhhh... this day sucks...", I will try to focus on how to make the day better. I also want to start to read or find something else I can do inside when I am bored. I cannot focus on reading for more than 15 minutes. I don't know why but it isn't possible. I don't really enjoy it much either, but I think the reason for all this is gaming. Gaming has shortened my attention span and I presume it will get better as time passes and if I read a little every day. Also, on every single one of the good days this week, I have only felt unmotivated in the morning; right when I wake up but I just pushed through it and got on with my workout. I will try to read for atleast 15 minutes right after I am done working out so I will start the day feeling extra productive. Can't wait for next week! 🙂
  3. Today. (Day 4) Today wasn't a bad day. My workout in the morning was the best so far; I felt like I got the most out of it which was a nice start to the day. Later I went frisbeegolfing for about three hours and I ate dinner after that. Today was a Saturday so I didn't really do anything productive after dinner. I watched a lot of Netflix which I think is ok since I have been active the rest of the day. I even called up one of my volleyball friends and asked him if he was down to play tennis someday soon. He said sure! Although I mostly did enjoyable things today, I was still productive in a way. I didn't game or watch YouTube. I was outside a lot. I continued to resolve my social situation and I had a nice workout. That is a good day in my book. Tomorrow. (Day 5) I know we are going to eat breakfast at my grandma's house tomorrow, but other than that I don't know what I will do. Maybe I will play tennis with my friend? Who knows. I got a job at my grandma's place in the garden, so if I got the time, I will work a little bit there and earn some money which is the definition of productive. As long as I don't game it's a good day! 🙂 Cya! 🙂
  4. Today. (Day 3) Today was another fine day. I celebrated my dad's birthdays for the better part of the day, but in the evening I ate snacks because it is a Friday. I eat snacks on Fridays and candy on Saturdays. When I eat a lot on unhealthy food and snacks I become demotivated. I knew I had to figure out a way to not relapse, so I decided to watch some Netflix instead. It isn't that much better, but I invited my brother to join me and he did so atleast I didn't watch alone. One of my main goals for this challenge is to not rely on the internet and screen to entertain me when I am bored, but today is only day 3 so I can't expect much yet. @Pochatok I totally agree with what you are saying. I usually go for a 30 minute walk half an hour after I get out of bed to wake up properly. That also motivates me to make the right choiches througout the day. Whenever I am bored, I know I have to do something to not relapse, so I usually go outside to practice some football. (That is basically my panic button and it works!) That takes my mind of gaming for a little while atleast. Tomorrow. (Day 4) I have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. My goal for tomorrow is to do something that is productive instead of just watching Netflix. I want to explain my friend situation. I am do not have much contact with most of my long time friends anymore... About 1,5 years ago me and my friends started on volleyball. I practiced for about a year before I quit. I didn't think it was as fun as my friends did. And my friends are like DIE HARD volleyball fans. They play volleyball literally all day everyday so they never have time do anything else really. I think they want to go pro. I have kind of grown apart from they the last couple of years and I don't think they were my kind of friends either way. They were always nice, but we didn't really share that many interests except gaming, but they quit when we strated on volleyball so therefor we kind of stopped hanging out. I still have some other friends, but not so many close ones now. When school starts again I will try to be more social and initiative, but since it is summer vacation there isn't much I can do about that now... But I belive it's all going to be sorted out, I just need to work on myself first before I start working on my relationship with others! One thing at a time. See you tomorrow! 🙂
  5. Today. (Day 2) (I am writing this entry on the morning of day 3 actually, because I didn't have time yesterday; it got so late. Let's just pretend I am writing this on day 2.) Today was another busy day. I woke up at 9:00AM and went for a walk. After that i did a workout and went shopping with my dad. When it was around 2 o'clock, I called my friend and asked him if he wanted to hang out. He said he was down. I spent about 6 hours in the sun being active and returned home around 8:00PM. Then I watched a movie with my family and after that i played some football with my brother outside my house. I went to sleep at 00:15AM. I am very happy with my day and unlike day 1, I initiated most of the activities. I am so glad I called up my friend. He said that they are travelling to Sweden tomorrow and staying there for a week, so I will have to reach out to more friends or find other things to do... I had didn't want to play video games today either, but that is probably because I had a busy schedule... Tomorrow. (Day 3) My goals for tomorrow is to jog in the morning and initiate more activities so I wont get bored. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday so we already have plans for over half of the day which is nice. Tomorrow I just want to keep this thing going and just enjoy the day 🙂 Have a good day everyone!
  6. Today. (Day 1) Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I woke up at precisely 9:00AM and I went for a run at 9:30AM. That really helped me to wake up and feel motivated for the rest of the day. After that, I went to town with my dad to get a haircut. After that I went to a café with my brother, sister and dad. I was very lucky that I had so much to do today, because my days aren't usually looking like this. I have tried to quit gaming 4 times the last 2 weeks lol and I have failed each attempt on day 1 because I was so bored in the evenings. Today, after dinner, I forced myself out of my comfort zone by practicing my football/soccar skills in a playground right outside my house to avoid relapsing. I don't play much football and I am very bad at it, but it was fun and it helped pass the time while being active. I went inside when it satrted raining. The only times I didn't have anything to do was the hour before dinner and the hour before I am writing this. (The time is 10:40PM) Both times I watched an episode of Breaking Bad becuase the series is awesome! (BCS is even better), but I don't consider watching those shows cheating because I am actually having fun while wathcing them, I am just trying to not rely on Netflix to pass the time... I haven't really thought about gaming that much, but that might be because I had a busy day. The "brain fog" issue that a lot of people have complained about when they quit gaming didn't occur to me today... though every single time when I tried to quit earlier, I had brain fog ALL THE TIME. And it's the worst feeling ever, You just feel like a zombie; you don't live, you just exist. 😕 Overall, I am very happy with my day and I hope tomorrow will be just as good if not even better! 🙂 Tomorrow. (Day 2) My goal for tomorrow is to contact one of my friends to hang out. I haven't hung out with a friend in like 3 weeks because I have been "too busy" with gaming. 😞 I need to reconnect with my friends before it's too late! I will try to wake up at 9:00AM tomorrow and I will try to go to sleep at 00:00PM today. I will hopefully do a strenght exercise tomorrow the same time as i jogged today. Exercising in the mornings really make me wake up and motivates me... Anyway, I hope your day was really good aswell, and that tomorrow will be even better! See you tomorrow! 🙂
  7. Day 0. I am calling today day 0 because I want to start officially tomorrow. I have not played any video games today but I will not count this day. I was actually going to start today but I didn't do any preperation for it so I decided to use today for preperations for day 1 (tomorrow). My issue with quitting video games is that my freetime is an endless void. The only thing I ever did when I was alone and bored was to play video games. Now I need to fill that void. My goals for this first week is to create a schedule, atleast a morning schedule (I did that today). I want to work out every day this first week to build a new habit. Tomorrow I will wake up at 09:00AM and I will go for a jog. I am the kind of guy to snooze like 100 times but I will try to jump out of bed right as my alarm beeps so I don't have time to think. I want to become more social and I want my life to feel meaningful. My day counter will start tomorrow and my goal is 90 days and if I can achieve that, I will try to stop forever hopefully. See you tomorrow!
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