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  1. 27 days Had to confront the main person I was gaming with. I never believed that that place really wanted me, but it was a very accommodating place to everyone. Shame to leave it really.
  2. 28 days to deletion I guess I can't escape so easily. But, with this deletion timer there is hope. A new place I will move too soon, and for once I will have a chance to center myself.
  3. 3rd Day, Feeling aimlessness times hands spinning without end No target in sight
  4. 2nd Day, Welp, this this my third time here. I've moved on from college and gotten a job. I've moved around and burned down a few possible lives. Now I'm somewhere stable and it looks like my team supports me. Hopefully I'll become someone useful to them... and earn lots of money hahha Now, life outside my career... That is neglected. So, here I am, again. Steam is set to end So that a new life begins again and again