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  1. I am by far very intelligent than normal people and hence even if I didn't focus on it, I was able to score really good. I speak to no one at home and even outside I barely speak a word which is why it is becoming so difficult for me to stay away from gaming as it is the only social interaction I had.
  2. Hello guys. My name is Kabir and I started playing games since I was 8. I used to play for around 8+hrs a day but no one ever complained because I was equally good at academics. During my high school years I extremely got addicted to competitive games like csgo and played them for 6 hrs a day but then I completely left gaming to focus on my career during my final school years. but once I got in one of the top colleges in the country, I started gaming again. I am a computer sc student and therefore it is impossible for me to stay away from my laptop. I have my job and internship interviews in the next 2 months and I am experiencing extreme withdrawal now.