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  1. I am leaving for a missions trip soon and was thinking about selling my Switch. My mom and sister (I haven’t told my dad but he will likely object as well) are very much against this idea. They say it is hurtful to my mom since she had gotten it for me as a gift. My sister also points out that I use it all the time so it is not without at least some value. My sister tells me I should just practice self-control since I can still use my games sometimes. 

    I am torn. I used to definitely have an addiction to gaming. However, since going to college I haven’t had much opportunity to game. I also have somewhat grown out of the addiction. However, whenever I get onto minecraft, it is like I cannot help myself. I will legit play for hours upon hours even though I have other stuff that needs to get done. I also struggle a lot with an addiction to using the internet… I have a porn blocker on, but when it is not on I have a lot of issues with that too. 

    I was away for 3 months and the only game I had was pokemon go. I am back home and ever since I have been having massive issues with using my phone and playing minecraft. 

    Let me know if you have any questions and what your opinion is about selling the switch. Thanks!

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