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  1. Thank you for the feedback. There is indeed a lot of things going on here, but the practical effects from his computer gaming habit is what makes this so hard to deal with. He probably spends over 9-10 hours per day playing games, every day, for the past two years. How can one engage with someone with this type of habit? Is it possible for someone with such an extreme addiction to control this? I don't think he wants to control his habit.
  2. Hello, I am coming here to ask for advice. My partner (over 30 yo) has mental health problems and after lock down he developed an extreme case of game addiction (extreme in my experience). For the last 2 years, he plays games day and night, every day including weekends. The only other regular activity he does is cooking dinner, but even that he often leaves to do very late at night (after 9 pm). Sometimes we watch videos in the evening, and sometimes we go for walks in the weekends, he helps me with shopping once a week. He does not have regular work and believes he cannot work regularly. He has self diagnosed himself with a mental health condition and says he cannot work because of that, but he works occasionally for a food delivery app. He barely helps me with house upkeep. I keep asking him to help and he casually says he will but in the end if he does something, it is very superficial. Most days/weeks/months he does nothing regarding the house, which drives me crazy as I am massively overworked and he doesn't seem to mind watching me squirm with house and work duties. What is the best approach in dealing with someone in this condition? I sent him the link to this site and his responsive was confrontational, even aggressive. He seems my complaints as a personal attack and little changes. Anyone has any advice? Thank you, Alex