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  1. Hello, My name is Joe. I can't say I'm an addict but I do re-lapse into it when life gets tough so I hide away from gaming. I ignore things what matters in life such as a missing social life, going out to places, and just getting out of my house for the most part. I realize gaming is an escape for me but I'm glad I'm sharing this because I want to make sure I don't step back into it ever again. I'm ready to get away from it. I'm just glad there are people here like myself that re-lapse from time to time. But to keep this short, I had already had journal on another app called Diarum. But, I should paste my progress here the more I go along this program. In addition to getting away from gaming, I quit social media already I no longer have any social presence except for work related sites for my career. I encourage those to unsubscribe to social media. I also try to limit my consumption on Video platforms such as Youtube, and Twitch. Joe