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  1. Hey guys its elliott, dont know who to talk to so i guess i post here. Been detoxing for just over a week now, but I've just slammed into a brick wall. I feel empty, alone, i cant focus or pay attention to anything, I've lost my appetite, everyday feels about 1000 hours and i just want to go back to feeling fine again. I dont know what to do, i knew detoxing would make me feel low but i never imagined this much. Just sitting in my bed staring at the wall i dont even have the motivation to get up.
  2. Hi everyone, im Elliott from London UK and I am 23 years old. Been playing games pretty much my whole life starting on diablo 2, age of empires 1 and 2 and progressing onto pretty much everything; WoW, Dota, starcraft etc I would play 5-10 or so hours a day playing watching game related videos or watching pro streams, and decided to quit so i could kinda move on with my life, improve social skills, get a real life skill and career or so. I had kinda done a 90 day detox before when i went travelling for 6 months where i didn't play any games at all but i was always busy socializing, booking transport, accommodation or finding places to eat and i hardly ever thought about it. So i guess its just my fallback hobby which i do when I've got nothing to do and now i don't game everyday feels so much longer and i'm literally just waiting the time out till i can go to my part time job or go out drinking. I've tried getting new hobbies from the 60 hobby list like reading and going to the gym but I always seem to lack motivation or energy to do anything that doesn't immediately interest me. Hopefully it'll work itself out over the coming weeks