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  1. Thank you for your words. College is doing great, I love some subjects and have hard times with other ones, but that's normal. I think I do have some clear goals, but at the same time I feel I need more experience as a college student. I'm coursing agronomy, a expanding and very branched field of study, so I have multiple reasons to stop playing video games to focus more on what is important and will bring benefits for me. I'm committed to search for other sorts of entertainment for the times I need to rest and have fun, like watching new shows and talking to people in real life more often. It is nice to read what you said as an student, we know very well how time is important haha. Thank you again for responding me.
  2. That's my first post and I decided to go through this straight forward, since I've lots of things to fix. I'm from Brazil, just started my college classes (2 months ago) and am having a hard time trying to leave the gaming routine. It is not that I'm addicted or have suffered from it, but I feel I get closer and closer closer be that each time I hand the controller. I'm not having enough time to accomplish my activities and can't focus enough on my classes as my xbox lies literally in front of me on my table where I study and have classes. I just deleted everything and will be committed to do what I've got to do as I've never done in my life (many attempts failed when younger). I'll be here, following what you all are going to talk, the topics and learn from people I don't know but have something in common. Thank you for reading it and I wish the best to everybody.