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  1. Day 1 Quitting gaming is something I have tried to do about a dozen times. Often it only last 2-5 days, a few times it has lasted 2 weeks, and once it lasted a month. I have tried to permanently delete my Riot games account 3 different times but every time I change my mind before the 25 day time period it takes. 6 months ago my main account got perma banned for toxicity (mostly calling my teammates stupid repeatedly). This was super hard because I had already invested hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours into it. Afterwards I thought this would be a blessing in disguise and get me to quit playing. Not the case. Within 3 days I created a new account and kept playing just as much. Recently I put barriers up to make it hard to play again but ultimately I know that is not enough. I deleted the game from my computer. I started the process of deleting my new main account. I also physically destroyed my gaming mouse. This has been helpful in keeping me from playing the last few days, but I know it's not enough. If I really wanted I could start playing again within a couple hours. It takes less than an hour to download. It would take me 40 min to drive to the store to buy a mouse. Even after the 25 days I can just start a new account or spend $5 and buy a lv 30 account so I can play ranked. I can not rely on these physical barriers. I need to strengthen my mental desire now while I'm motivated so I won't givein in the future. I know I will have pressures to play. I convinced basically all my close friends to play as well as my brothers. I get messages every few days from friends asking me if I want to play with them. Next month for the World championships I know I will be tempted to play again. Each time my favorite characters get new skins or updates I will be tempted to play again. I need to be so mentally strong that none of these pressures can lead me to play again.
  2. Hi! I am a 23 year old University student in the United States. I recently committed to quitting video games and decided to join this program in order to have skin in the game (financially speaking). My whole life I played video games in a balanced way where school, family, and real life friends always came first. Then, because of covid an internship opportunity for the summer canceled. To fill my time that summer I started playing games for 8-15 hours a day. The next school year (my 3rd year) I couldn't focus on school and kept playing video games all day. I ended up dropping out of college to play games all day. I just started school up again but spent my whole first week just playing games. I knew that if I wanted to ever graduate I needed to quit gaming. I mostly play League of Legends. It is the only game where I feel like I have been addicted. That is to say I can't stop playing it even when I am not having fun. I have played this game for over 5 thousand hours in the last 1.5 years. Other games I like include Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Teamfight Tactics, Tetris, and The Witcher, but I have never felt addicted to them. 3 days ago I deleted league, started the process of permanently deleting my account, and destroyed my gaming mouse. I have not played since, although I have definately had withdrawal symptoms. At least 5 times a day I get a super strong feeling to play. I have been super bored and have had limited enjoyment of anything else I try to do. I have gone on a 1-2 hour walk every day which has helped distract me. I have also been watching Healthygamer videos on YouTube. I have also had to lose contact with a couple of my close friends that I mostly had contact with over in game voice chat. This is super hard. I feel empty inside all the time. I am hopeful about the future.