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  1. Hello, My name is Paul and I'm currently 27. Recently I have decided to quit playing any sort of mobile games as it has been a huge detriment to my life and affected my in many ways financially as well as affecting my relationship. I've always enjoyed playing video games, it got to the point where on my days off I'd spend the whole days playing games. Although that is already pretty unhealthy I gradually shifted towards mobile games as it's the only thing I can play while working. I ended up spending large amounts of money as mobile games are very predatory. I feel some of the reasons why I've sunk so much was because I had a feeling of being looked up to when I achieved so much in these mobile games. It may have also been because outside of gaming I feel very unsuccessful with anything else I've done. Today marks the second week that I've quit playing mobile games and spending on video games. I feel like I've been less stressed overall and finally making the first steps towards making improvements in my life. I'm hoping I can slowly rebound from this hole I've dug myself into. Anyways, thanks for reading this everyone!