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  1. Journal entry #9

    72 day of detox

    Days like today, reminds me how fragile our lifes are. How one mistake, changes whole life for good. Time passess, and there is no turning back, portion of your life becomes a past, experience and memory. Sometimes, the only thing I want, is to sit still and watch how beautiful world is. Stop worrying, stop analyzing, stop reminding, stop thinking. Just to be calm, see the beauty and feel peaceful.

    Today is my birthday. This happens every year(that's why I don't take it as something big ;) ), but this particular one I want to remember because this opens better life and not another game.

    I am changing my life for better.

  2. Very nice metaphor. This greatly shows how life is the ultimate game, which gives us so many opportunities and everything depends on our will. No virtual game is so flexible and gives us so many opportunities. Let's make use of it, and create our uniqe gameplay ;) 

  3. Journal entry #8

    70 day of detox

    Round number for my detox. I've started my driving license course for trucks, today. It was a great experience to drive a lot bigger "car". Also, just finished a talk with my accountability partner @hycniejsy and as always, lots of thoughts came into my mind, that I don't even know how to write all the things, so they won't be too chaotic and without repeating knowledge gathered here. Anyway, I thought about my detox, precisely first days of it, why they were so easy for me, where other people had real struggle. Then I found out that when I was gaming, certain game mechanics I've applied into my life. When I was playing social game, I've become more communicative in real life, when I was playing quick dynamic games like shooters, I've started running and physical activity in general, to bring pulse of action into my life. Finally, when I've played game where it was all about gaining more money, more items, more skills, I've wanted to apply this to my life, so I've started detox, to gain in my life same in this game...

    Did any of you noticed things like this? Games almost like merging with lifes? What do you think about it?

  4. Hi, I have less than a month to finish my detox, and I'm trying to be more social, make new friends in real life. But I have this problem, that when I'm talking with someone, later or sooner, subject goes down to memories and previous experiences. This is like hitting a wall for me, because everyone is reminding what he done with their friends, where he been, what problems he was struggling with and all I can say about my past is which games I played, monsters I've killed, items my character had etc.

    Did any of you had similiar problem? How did you overcome this? I would say the answer is to make new memories, but how to make them if everyone recognizes that I have nothing to say and my life is boring.

  5. I don't think I'm exaggerating things, because, this was supposed to be my time for studying(to uni) and learning HTML. Somehow It's hard for me to overcome this. Funny thing is, that I have no problem to do my workout, but when it comes about learning/studying I'm finding excuses not to do so(cleaning up house, making some food, watching youtube, browsing the internet etc.).

    Journal entry #7

    68 day of detox

    Yesterday, I watched a movie trailer, based on one of my favourite games, being curious how will it look like. I guess I shouldn't do this, because I was dreaming about playing this game, today. When I woke up I felt relief, that it was only a dream and I didn't went back to gaming. This also made me thinking about my whole detox, that quiting video games is not some kind of miracle, but it's only a STEP to better life. The others steps which I think I need to do, I would divide into two categories:

    • Personal development - this involves everything, which makes me better, like studying, learning how to make websites, reading, doing my training, eating healthier, etc.
    • Social development - as title says, it's everything about relations with other people, it's not only about being more talkative but this also includes things like: helping my mother, spending my time with my girlfriend, making friends, etc.

    I'm a bit of a lonelier person, I struggle to make friends, that's why I think I need to work a bit more on being social. Today I'm visiting my long-time-no-see family, so this will be a good start.

    Thank you for reading, thank you for support, Piotr.

  6. Journal entry #6

    65 day of detox

    Yesterday, I've procrastinated by watching too many animated films from my childhood. After I realized, how much time I've lost, I was mad at myself, but instead of feeling guilt, I had an urge to meditate, so I did. This is probably a headspace using effect. I don't really know what to think about it.

    I've got to fight this mindless procrastination. On Tuesday I'm starting my driver license course, this will certainly help to fill my time, but I'm afraid that I will come back tired from this and procrastinate even more. 

    Greetings, Piotr. 


    A question I do have on my mind is, what does everyone else do with there systems or computers when they are intending to quit gaming?  Do you store your system (keep it out of sight), give to a friend, sell it, or re-purpose it for other activities?  I'm curious about this and if anybody feel the urge to answer that would be awesome.


    When I've started my detox I sold my nintendo ds because console is a strictly gaming system, on the other way, I kept my laptop for everyday usage, but uninstalling games was necessary.

  8. And: it felt really good and refreshing

    Word of advice from me: remember this, it relly helps to remember why you're doing detox and helps in hard times like when craving or feeling nostalgic.

  9. 10/05/2016

    Detox - Day 8 complete.

    I don't have a great deal to note down today, other than yet another high quality day.

    You don't need to have a "great deal to note down", just be consistent and use your journal to sum up your actions :) Congratulations on your week, don't give up and keep it this way.



    I don't think you should beat yourself about not completing your third goal, you wrote that you were helping your mother instead and this is great, I guess helping a loved one is much more valuable than sticking to the plan. You should not follow the plan blindly, it is only as a guideline, and not law written in stone ;) It would be a bad thing if you told your mother that you would not help her because you have to complete your plan. I am sure you definitely chose the better part :) Sometimes I got the impression that the whole detox and the hunt for new hobbies is too self-directed, like thinking about ourselves and how we are going to please ourselves without games, while using the time freed from games to help others would be much more beneficial and I guess would make much sense. Why stop doing something you enjoy like gaming only to replace it by some other hobby? -> seems rather pointless to me. But to stop playing in order to e.g. do some voluntary work, help with the housework, it makes so much sense and it is more motivating because we do something for another person. I guess it was rather a rant and not directly related to your post.

    As for your earlier question about reading fantasy books, I also love this genre though I usually try to read it in English, and to be honest I consider reading fantasy in my native Polish a little wasteful. Same with TV series and films, if you do it in English (or any other language you are learning or want to keep from disuse), you can turn something which is mindless entertainment into a learning experience. This is particularly good when you have little contact with the foreign language of your choice in your daily life and work. I studied English but if it hadn't been for English-language books and TV series I would probably have forgotten much of what I learnt by now.

    You are reading my mind. I was thinking that after I finish my detox, I would make some research(experimenting on myself) on making positive impact on our environment. Cause I see detox as mostly helping myself and after that, I(We) should help others(inspired/based on @Cam Adair). I don't see helping my mother as bad thing, it's completely opposite, I love to do this, just my free time in the evening that day, could be spent more productive way...

    Journal entry #5

    63 day of detox

    Yesterday my colleagues were discussing and playing a game during break, recalling their old times. They were fascinated by their characters, skills, items etc. I felt a little nostalgic/craving as rpg games was my problem and I loved all those skills/items/abilities shit, but I said to myself "it's not part of me anymore" and without hesitation, very peacefully, I took my phone and started reading articles on self development. It was a thing which made me proud, that I can easily concentrate on more important things, which was unthinkable for me before detox. Also, I always considerating myself as taciturn person, but now I often jump into conversations and keep them up. Know I now, that gaming, was just filling my head with things which weren't suitable for communication, although games advertise themselfs as "social"(notice quotation marks here for irony).

    A little reference to @Primmulla quote above, I like the idea of combining thing I like(reading fantasy) with thing which leads to something productive(reading in language which I want to learn/improve) I think that's a great idea to encourage myself to to do certain things. Besides, in last few days I was experimenting with doing two activities at a time, in order to get more out of live, save time and fight with procrastination(stay put for report on result of this experiment), that's why this tip really got my attention and I've put it into my journal.

    I'm also dedicating myself to nofap from today, regreting that I didn't started this earlier...


  11. Journal entry #4

    62 day of detox

    I'm forcing myself to write this, to keep consistency. I'm fighting with procrastination and trying to keep up with my goals, set earlier. I've set up meeting with my driving license instructor for tomorrow, to talk about start of my course, I already got all the papers, because of that I see progress in first of my goals. Second goal, I'm also considerating kept. For three days I've spent at least 30 minutes on learning HTML and after wrighting this I'm going to continue my work. Unfortunatelly, I'm not satisfied with my third goal. It wasn't done because I was helping at my mothers house with housekeeping, but this doesn't explain my procrastination in the evening where instead of learning, reading and doing my workout, I've procrastinated watching youtube, tv series and browsing the internet.

    To sum up: Consistency and actions, are now main things happening here.

    Greetings, Piotr.

  12. Hello, congrats on your engeineering degree, I'm also trying to get it but it will take two more years of studying. You've made good decision quiting games and admitting you have problem is your first-best step. Don't give up.

    Greetings, Piotr.

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