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  1. Journal entry #41

    Days game free: 18
    Procrastination free: 2

    No procrastination for now. Although, something popped up and at first, I've panicked, that I won't get it done this week, that I simply don't have enough time; I've shook myself up and started working on it. Now I see that although it's hard, it can be done. I just can't allow myself to procrastinate.


    Weekly goal:  make all scheduled accountability plans

    Monthly goal(October): expand my website, write at least one article a week

    Long term goal(deadline: end of year 2016): learn website programming/start making income from this

  2. ^ Power of detox

    It's always so heartwarming to see people improve their lives and be happy with it.

    Find strategy to regain focus in evening without use of caffeine

    Could you please tell me more about it? (tag me in reply so I will not miss it)

  3. Yeah, I have this thoughts right now. My plan is to learn website programming and start as freelancer. I do this to be my own boss and be financially independent. At first I wanted to start company too, but I don't think I will handle something big, so I start small with freelancing.

    Do you have any more thoughts on your mind, regarding your company?

  4. I have a friend who knows a few, most popular, martial arts. I've asked him the same question like a six months ago and he replied karate. As useful in self defense as boxing, but it adds leg elements, not too much ground wrestling(although it covers this subject) and is very developing as karate teachers often use very original workouts. He attended Kyokushin and was very happy with that school.

  5. Hey, I want to start this discussion on how to recognize sufficient time for activity.
    Sometimes I spend too much time on relaxing, which leads to procrastination. I feel I'm tired, so I listen to music or watch news. One day it works perfectly, I get to important work after, and sometimes this leads to mindless browsing or binge watching some series, like I'm not really rested after doing it hour, after hour, after hour...
    Similar to the example above, I started to think whether I should read less about personal development and take more action. Like, I should flip the ratio; less reading about how people achieve success and more working on applying this to myself. Surely this should be done this way. But how do you recognize how much time you should spend on something to get positive effects from activity, spending as less time on it, as it's possible?

  6. Journal entry #40

    Days game free: 16
    Procrastination free: 0

    I've added a procrastination counter to my journal. I've thought about my productivity and realized that it looks like a sine wave. I have tops and downs changing every few days. I hope that having track on this, will help me to find what triggers my procrastination.

    Weekly sum up:

    Weekly goal:  make all scheduled accountability plans + special challenges from accountability partner

    This week, I'm rather unsatisfied with my goals. Neglected physical activity, memory training and translating GQ videos. Also I could spend a little more time learning JavaScript. I have no excuse to this, only a determination to cut procrastination next week.

    Monthly goal(September): start my own website 

    I've started a website with a creator. Nothing big, just a simple free wordpress site. But couldn't decide on it's main subject.

    Long term goal(deadline: end of year 2016): learn website programming/start making income from this

    Started JavaScript course. Although I've made significant progress, I could spend more time on this.


    Monthly goal(October): expand my website, write at least one article a week

  7. I'm really jealous about that sticker! :P Congratulations on your detox, and good luck on noFap!

    I like watching series too, but I've limited it. It's because I found myself binge watching, neglecting other things. If you're into fantasy, than I recommend "The magicians" series. Good fantasy with even better lines and humor. With an interesting point of view, that magic doesn't makes things easier like in other series/books.

  8. You don't build friendship in seconds, so don't be so harsh on yourself by not having any friends, it will come in time. Investment thing seems really interesting, hope you will post more about it in the future. And congratulations on keeping your streak, it was hard, but it was worth it! :)

  9. Last paragraph seems very similliar to me. I struggle too, with that difficult "putting aside" things I'm really into and I don't know where does it come from. It's good to know I'm not alone. I've event started thinking that maybe I'm cheating myself about me being so much into these activities, but it seems like it's more a procrastination problem.
    Anyway, lets get things done.

  10. I'm glad your back, I'm even happier reading that detox is going good for you. Your personal problems surely will disappear soon, because I see that you are working on them and through small steps you will get to better life. Hang in there.

    Greetings, Piotr.

  11. Hi!
    It's nice to see you journaling! If you've quit games before, than you will surely do it again. It's very interesting what you wrote about senses, probably that's why I've watched music videos at the beginning of my detox. Can't wait to read more from you!

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